Faucet Clutter; which is the lesser of two evils?

ArchitectMammaNovember 9, 2012

While I sit here agonizing over the incredibly SLOOOOW cabinetry design/build process, I thought I'd get some feedback on the faucet decision that is making me crazy. Might as well do something productive instead of wallowing...

We only have one sink in our kitchen and we are installing a water filtration system. The sink is going to be a 28" wide single bowl Franke.

I love the Gooseneck bridge faucets and call me pedestrian but the Perrin and Rowe Bridge faucet with spray is my favorite. (I also love the Waterworks Bridge faucet but I can't take the visual clutter of the diverter for spray.)

I've tried to attach the photo here but may have some issues. If we went with this faucet, then I would pair it with the super small filtration faucet by Kohler, the Wellspring.

But then I wonder if that is going to look cluttered and take away from the beauty of the bridge faucet.

So my other thought would be to use the Perrin and Rowe Triflow faucet with spray. I am not so in love with this faucet but it is perfectly pleasant and would go with the traditional white painted shaker cabinets, madreperola quartizite counters and white subway tile as well.

Thoughts? Any feedback from those with tri-flow faucets?

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The Wellspring...

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Triflow option, no need for secondary faucet.

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We have the Triflow faucet. It is wonderful!

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Yes I think the little faucet next to the bigger bridge faucet spoils the look a bit. No offense meant to anyone. I struggled a bit with the same issue and decided not to do one. I didnt want a water dispenser on my frig front either. We ended up just using a Brita filtered water pitcher in the frig. Not quite as convenient as a tap but not hard to get used to either.

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Similar story to Jenny--have the P&R Bridge faucet and love it. Also had a very small filter faucet-- looked alright but not great. But when the filter faucet failed, rather than replace it we put in the matching P&R soap dispenser in that hole and it looks so much better. Gave up the convenience of the under the sink filtered water (went to the Mavea filter bottle). Plusses -- our filtered water now sits in the refrigerator so it is cold when we want it to be cold. The counter looks better. No soap bottle on counter. Negatives-- a bit more work to keep the Mavea bottle filled, change filters. Overall -- happier now.

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