Last minute design change and side by side fridge - HELP!

aimskitchenNovember 19, 2012

Our KD came out today to do the final measurements before placing the order we worked up (and paid a deposit on last week), and we didn't realize our peninsula run had been made 4 inches longer, which will make an opening into the dining room really tiny and unworkable to me, as the wall ovens were facing it. That would have put my behind right at the end of the peninsula as I tried to get into my double wall ovens.

We're going to return to a previous thought, and turn the whole thing into a galley instead, moving the wall ovens and fridge into a space now occupied by fridge and doorway. We'll move the doorway to the space the wall ovens were going to be placed in, so it'll enter the dining area. Should be good for traffic patterns. BUT, in the galley, the fridge will be on the left side, nestled against a wall that is 43" deep - so the fridge will be sort of settled in a nook, with a four inch filler to the left of the freezer door. If any of you have SxS fridges, will this be enough room to open it up and fully access the fridge? FYI, the double ovens will be to the right of the fridge, separated by another filler, and flipping the two isn't going to work for several reasons. Thanks for any input - we have to decide ASAP.

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I just want to share, too, my husband has heard so much about all the good advice I've learned from you all, and was so impressed with what I knew at the appliance store, that when we ran into this issue today, the first thing he said was, "can you ask the people on Gardenweb?". Y'all have a reputation for being very helpful. Thank you!

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I believe the specs for the fridge will tell you the clearances for the doors. I think it's specific to the fridge you get. One thing to consider with a side by side fridge is landing space. With the fridge or freezer door open, it is awkward to reach around the door to put something on the counter. Likewise, if you are unpacking groceries, the counter next to the fridge is less than ideal. I don't recall your layout so I can't offer suggestions about that. Good luck!

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Thanks dillyny. We don't have landing space near the fridge now, so I'm not used to that, and this space won't have counterspace right next to it either. The specs say 90 degrees with door open, but does that mean it needs 90 degrees to open fully?

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The peninsula can't be shortened at all, rather than a whole redo on the plan?

You might have to call someone or visit the fridge in the store to find the answer you need. When I was planning placement for mine, I had to call our trusted salesman to measure for me, because the specs didn't include how far back the door needed to open in order to get drawers past the door racks, etc. I don't think the number of degrees it is able to open necessarily helps you know what the minimum space you need beside it.

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I measured and I have a 3.75" filler between my side by side fridge and abutting wall. However, it is more important to note that the fridge cabinet is not as deep as the fridge. The fridge cabinet comes out as far as the fridge interior and the doors protrude beyond the fridge cabinetry / side panel. In other works, my side by side requires the fridge doors to be unobstructed in order to open fully. Hope this helps.

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3.75 filler on the left of fridge:

Fridge doors protrude beyond the filler:

Sorry for the delay in posting photos. Hope it helps

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