Smallest U shape kitchen

eeloverNovember 7, 2012

I have a very small kitchen space, about 8'2" wide, 9' long. It's currently a galley kitchen, but I'd like to turn it into a U shape to maximize cabinet space. I'm thinking about putting a 24" stove at the bottom of the U, and sink and fridge on the 2 arms (arm walls about 9' long). This will leave me a space about 4' wide, between the 2 arms. Only 2 people live here. I know it's small, but do you think it would be too weird?

For those of you who have small kitchens, are there any other tricks to use the space in a smart way?


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You will give up 50 inches of base cabinet storage to install the U. You will get back 50" at the bottom of the U. So that part is a wash.

If you then install corner lazy susans, you will get back about 32", but lazy susans are very inconvenient storage, to be avoided if possible.

You would probably be better off sticking with a well-designed galley kitchen.

But, what you should look into are deeper than normal cabinets. You should be able to extend the cabinets on one side to about 30" and still have the minimum walk space between the cabinets, which would increase your storage (and your countertop space, 25%.

Follow the link to a resource that may help you with your kitchen design.

Here is a link that might be useful: Small Kitchen Design

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Brooklyngalley's kitchen is the smartest use of small space I've ever seen.

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