One of the hazards of kitchen renov. & new appliances....

CavimumNovember 23, 2012

PSA of the day . . .

When appliance guys and/or plumbers are working in your daylight basement, be sure to check all exterior doors and make sure they are shut securely.

This morning I had planned to sleep in while the hubby went to work. No subs were scheduled, should be a good day, right?


Around 6:00 a.m. our burglar alarm goes nuts, siren screaming from attic, and monitoring station calls us. Basement (patio) door was 'point of entry.' Told them to go ahead and send police, because one never knows...

Police arrive, walk around house, check out basement. Told me there were two birds flying around in the basement (probably came thru the open door because it was warm inside). Nothing disturbed, nothing taken.

All we can figure is a sub went through the door on Monday or Tuesday, thought he had closed it, and didn't quite catch the latch. Door had been blown open by wind. I missed my only chance to sleep in!

Check your exterior doors at the end of each day. Lesson learned the hard way, here. ~rolls eyes~

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Hope the birds were safely rescued! Our siding person set off ours taking off the old stuff- oops. Police arrived and gave them a bit of a hard time til they reached us. Double oops!
Then I was watching our robins getting ready to fledge and they fledged into the house. Found 2 easily but the third one was shy. I finally snagged the last one. I have a great video of the robins fledging.

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I got one of the birds out yesterday. Hubby is home today, so he can help me 'herd' the other one out.

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