Add a veneer skin to exposed ends of MDF cabs after installed?

stayghostNovember 16, 2012

So we went with MDF boxes instead of plywood (which I regret), and they look fine with the exception of the toe kick area / bottom front corner of the cabinet run where it stops before a hallway. It's pretty roughed up right where the granite people had to come back and make adjustments so I assume it happened then.

Basically it looks like laminate "paper" wood finish is peeling up at the edge. It's only been up 2 weeks so I can only image how this would look in a few months, let alone years.Trying to think of a viable solution and not sure if I'm interpreting this right.

Can I buy the 3/16" veneer "skins" and have them applied to the exposed end runs of the cabinets, behind the "ear" of the face frame. Get matching finish from my cab maker, have them glued / bradded / puttied, and then this peeling issue would go away?

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Elraes Miller

I added floor trim below all of my cabinets. It was a simple job. You could do this and also add trim along the edges of the cabinet. What I would do though is cut a panel to fit and then add trim too. An 1/8" thick panel would be better than veneer. Just washing the floor is going to have water seep into your cabinet wood. I also used clear sealant to keep water from floor to cabinet base. Not much, just enough to make a seal and be able to remove if necessary.

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Do you think it was loose before the granite installers returned? That amount of damage looks like there was an underlying issue.

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Skins, already finished to match, are a pretty standardoffering forbrands that have those type of ends.
Glue with construction adhesive, can use a few pins or just blue tape until glue sets(24 hrs). Just be sure to get a good even adhesion- hold a wood block on it and tap gently all over. If the skin is warped do not install, ask for replacement.

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"Glue with construction adhesive"

Contact cement works a lot better at making the very thin glue line you want.

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and a lot worse at positioning or adhering to the substrate which is non porous

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