slide in kitchenaid range

kersh956November 5, 2013

hi, i just bought a kitchenaid slide in range. o one side is the countertop and the other side is the wall. the stove is a snug fit to the wall. there is a gap from the back of the stovetop to the wall. i have seen black or stainless pieces that you can buy to fill the gap. i got a hold of my countertop person to see if he could cut me a matching piece of countertop for the back. he told me that i have to have some kind of frame to hold it. has anyone had experience with this thanks

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I have a Kitchenaid slide in stove. I have a granite countertop and that two inch or so strip of granite was glued on a wood brace that was screwed to the wall studs to support it. It is not a big deal at all. The seam will be so small you won't notice it and you can always remove the piece if you ever replace your stove with a regular range.

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It totally depends on how much room there actually IS between the range and the wall as to whether or not a small sliver of stone can be coaxed in there. It will look strange to have stone and no filler on the side though.

And be SURE that you install some non combustible material on the whole side wall adjacent to the range!

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Mine is not a sliver, but about a 3 x 30 inch piece of granite. The stove back slides over the granite, but is not supported by it. The seam is filled, so it is not noticeable.
The stove should have installation directions that will give exact measurements.

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live_wire_oak, I was wondering if your recommendation is for gas stoves only? I had never thought of that. I did think of needing plenty of counter space on the other side of the range for safety reasons.

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live wire oak , we were considering travertine tile. do you think that would be ok

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I'd fire your counter guy. Installing blocking to support a countertop behind a stove is elementary.

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