- Anyone seen this kitchen design website?

lalitharNovember 6, 2012

I came across this in yahoo and was curious.. They seem to have forums, articles, photos etc.. Just kitchens it looks like.

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Interesting! I felt like I was at the eye doctors having my vision checked ("which one is more/less clear")! I'm "transitional."

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Nice collections of kitchen pics, fun to browse. It was very different from what I've seen on other sites and had the exact combinations that I wanted to see pics of. Thanks so much for posting!

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I 'liked' them on Facebook several months ago, so see updates of their new kitchen articles (and photos) without having to remember to search them out, which is helpful to me. It has some nice eye candy for the TKO. ;-)

Legallin, I came out 'transitional,' too, and was a little surprised. If you do the quiz more than once, the photos and photo combos change... I thought I might come out with a different result, but no...and when I checked the style options, I could see why. There were only a few, and 'transitional' seemed to cover a lot of kitchen looks. But I like quizzes like that...Just fun.

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The terms of agreement say its a williams sonoma owned site.
I'm transitional too. Small world.

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It is Williams Sonoma.

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I am eclectic! I guess that is what you are if you get the lovesick feeling for both the slick smoothness of induction and the rustic charm of soapstone and schoolhouse lights :)

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Hmm, so interesting. I'm modern, which is weird. Did it a few times too, but I guess I could see it. I thought contemporary or traditional. Off to renovate :)

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Ok, now that just pisses me off ... "We've found your style! Sign up for FREE to find out"

Ummmmm, No thank you ! Guess I will never know.

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I think their "quiz" was set to find certain responses. Often I didn't like either of the kitchens displayed, but had to choose one . . . Doesn't matter what they call our style, we know what we like! Angela, I agree it was a clever way to get us to sign up. Nevertheless, they had a great and extensive collection of kitchens, and I really appreciated the multiple views for so many of them.

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