Corner sink cabinet size--will it fit?

cathy725November 6, 2012

OK, for a bit of background, I'm trying to figure out the design of my renovated kitchen. See this link for current layout and suggestions on layouts:

I visited a neighbor with my exact kitchen who put in an island. The biggest problem is that the island has to be very narrow in order to provide proper clearance on the long sides. It really doesn't look like it 'fits' the kitchen--it looks more like they squeezed it in to make it fit.

So that puts me back to the u-shaped kitchen with peninsula. I went to get some cabinet design information and was told I need a 36" corner cabinet for a sink, even a single bowl. I was also told that I'd need to make sure a 36" cabinet would fit through my door (which if it's 36x36 it won't fit in any opening to kitchen).

Do I have to have a 36" corner cabinet, or is there a smaller one that will fit a regular sized single bowl sink? I'd love the silgranit 1 3/4 bowl sink, but I'm not seeing any way to fit that in a corner, so I guess I'll need the single bowl sink.

Thanks for any suggestions. I would leave the sink under the window if I could figure out somewhere else to put the dishwasher--I hate it in the corner because I can't reach the cabinets above the diswhasher when I'm unloading it.

Thanks for any insight and suggestions!

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Sophie Wheeler

A 36" diagonal corner cabinet will only fit a 25" single sink in it. If you want a full sized 33" sink, then you need a 48" corner cabinet.

Corner sinks waste a lot of space and are the choice of last resort.

But, it's irrelevant if you can't fit it into your home anyway. You have to come up with another choice.

Have you posted your layout for comments and suggestions?

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Thanks for the information. The layout is posted in the link in my original post above. I guess I didn't put it in correctly so it isn't an automatic link.

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Here is the link for the layout

Here is a link that might be useful: Layout

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To get cabinet thru door you can order it with the sub base shipped loose.
For corner sinks I always use a recessedcorner sink cabinet. Not all mfg have them though. A 39" recessedcorner cab fits a big single sink, 28". You can squeeze a double into a 42.
I do a fair number of corner sinks, and I stay out of the layout threads but...I don't think a corner sink is a great solution for you.
Not knowing budget or much else, consider-
Knock out the pantry, move range to that wall say a 36 cab range then 30, make ther side an el- fridge next to door, recessed into wall (consider a narrower fridge as corner is a bit tight),then blind corner with LeMans, turn corner trash, sink dw- add some shorter cabs under window that are 12 or 15" deep- get a round table.

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