Need pictures of 36" hood over 36" pro-style range, please

kaysdNovember 26, 2012

I know the common wisdom here is to put a 42" hood above a 36" range, but I am having serious budget issues. I am looking at some hoods on clearance, and I can either get a 42" hood with 600 CFM or a 36" pyramid hood with 1200 CFM to go over a 36" Wolf AG with grill. (I know 42" with 1000+ CFM would be ideal.)

My designer drew the elevations with a 42" hood. Based on pics here, I know I like the look of a 42" hood over a 36" range. What I need to see is how a 36" hood looks over a 36" pro-style range, especially with a few inches of gap between the hood and upper cabinets. Please show me your pictures.

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I have a 36" Best by Broan hood over my 36" Wolf range top. The hood does a great job with 1100 CFMs.

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Here's one- 36" VAH over 36" KA Dual-Fuel

Thanks for an excuse to look at pics of my old kitchen. We've since moved and are in a rental. I sure miss this kitchen. *sigh*

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36" Independent bonanza style or 36" Wolf rangetop. Still working on backsplash...sigh.

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Here's my 1000 CFM Proline range hood over Capital Precision range, both 36":

Don't forget about makeup air if you're going with a high CFM hood!

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Kobe 36" over Wolf 36" - have only been able to use the stove twice as we are still in a construction zone, but I love the hood. It's only 760 cfm but I can tell you I've made coq au vin and Beef bourguignon- two dishes that used to scent my house for several days. The thing is powerful and quiet. It was recommended in a couple of different threads on GW
As for aesthetics, if I'd had room and budget, I still don't think I would have gone with a larger hood, as I was going for a more retro look. Your design seems cleaner and modern, so I wonder if that makes the spaciousness more important. Here are some shots:

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36" over 36". Both Electrolux Icon.

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Just wanted to point out that no one yet has this configuration with a grill. And, I'd only do the narrower hood if I were OK with setting off the smoke alarms. Capture area is more important than CFMs.

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I agree with Green. And I wonder if some of the vent hoods that have cabinets right up next to them are doing a good job because the cabinets in a way are aiding in the capture area, sort of making a tunnel for the smoke, etc to follow. (does that make any sense?)

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Thank you all for posting the pictures -- it helps me visualize. The look definitely works for transitional or traditional cabinetry. I'm still trying to figure out if a modern look requires wider.

Fouramblues, I asked my architect and GC a few times about whether our city has a MUA requirement. They both said they had never heard of one (and they both appear to be allergic to research). I tried researching myself online without any luck. We live in SoCal (no AC) and leave the kitchen window open most of the year for fresh air, so that is our MUA plan, lol. We also have a 50-year-old house that is not even close to air tight.

Secondhalf, is that the Kobe RA-02-1? Are you satisfied with the finish? I was considering the 42" 1000 CFM version of that hood. I could only find 1 Kobe hood in a local store. It was a different model (pyramid with straight corner instead of beveled) and there was a visible seam all the way up the "corner" where the front panel overlapped the sides panel (i.e., the pyramid part was made with 3 pieces of metal instead of 1). Is that how your hood is constructed, or is the lower part seamless? Also, how much space do you have between your uppers and the hood?

GreenDesigns, I thought I could offset size with higher CFMs. Would I be better off with a 42" 715 CFM hood? One hood in my budget that I find aesthetically pleasing (other than the mesh filters) is the Zephyr Venezia. I'm not sure I will ever use the grill on the range, as we grill outdoors year round. I only bought that model because it was a floor model at 35% off. If I had realized what venting my "bargain" range would cost, I would have skipped it. Now I wish I had bought induction, as it would have been cheaper to replace all my pots and pans if I could use a simple 600 CFM hood.

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I have a 36" KA dual fuel range with a 36" KA hood...we have a griddle rather than a grill. This is what the KD speced for us, and it certainly works just fine. No grease or odors.

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BKW, you posted while I was typing my last response. The cabinets directly flanking the hoods could be assisting with containment, as well as affecting the look.

The hood is the last appliance I have to purchase, and I have been struggling with this decision for months, trying to balance, form, function and budget. It is such a visible item in my design, that I want it to look right. I actually really like the look of the Wolf Pro chimney hood with the slight curve at the lip, but the idea of paying $2800 retail is killing me. (Everything else was purchased at 35-75% off when a local business closed.)

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BlueStar 36" range RNB366BV1 with 36" Vent-A-Hood PRH9-236

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Kaysd- it's the one in the link below, and there is only about two inches on either side. I'm very happy with the finish and it was one piece except for the separate chimney- the only seam is at the joining of hood with chimney. I picked this because it was recommended as a serviceable hood for someone who isn't a heavy griller, it had the baffles and not the mesh filters, it had respectable noise ratings, and a six inch exhaust as opposed to 8, which would not work in our remodel except with great expense, and last but not least, we had gone way over budget on shingles for the house and sometimes...something's gotta give. Seriously though, if you are a heavy griller, fried food, stovetop family, compromise somewhere else amd get the 42", stronger hood system. I am a baker and roaster, so the hood didnt need to be quite so effective in our house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kobe hood

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So glad I am not alone - If I had found GW I would have gone wider than the cooktop - but the loss of 4 inches of cabinet would have made the space a bit fragmented.

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