Painting Cabinets White - Should I get white hinges?

Melissa-KitchenNovember 7, 2012

Hello everyone!

I am in the planning stages of updating my oak 1990's kitchen. I am having the cabinets professionally painted white, installing a new backsplash and granite. My question is, I have exposed hinges that I am not a fan of. I see that most people match the hinges to the knobs. Has anyone used white hinges? I saw them at Home Depot and was thinking that they might blend into the cabinets a little and not scream "I'm a kitchen from 1991 that she is trying to look like it's updates!"

Any thoughts? Does anyone want to share their after pics of their oak cabinets repainted white?

I have attached my before pics in case anyone has any suggestions. This is an older realtor picture so we have new appliances that are stainless steel.

Right now I am looking for a carpenter to cut out my appliance garage. Anything else that you would suggest? And yes, the light fixture is going too. :)

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Melissa, welcome aboard. I recently got my 1991 kitchen updated, a facelift rather than a complete redo. I also had oak cabinets professionally painted. However, I replaced the doors and drawer fronts, which give the cabinets a completely different look. It cost around $1K which was a lot of bang for the buck. I went with concealed hinges. However, if you decide to keep visible hinges, I don't think it looks bad at all, as long as they match your hardware.

I also got rid of a fluorescent box. Makes a huge difference. :)



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I had someone in for an estimate when we moved in and he led me to believe that my cabinets could not get new doors because of the exposed hinges and gaps between the doors. Maybe I should get another opinion because your kitchen looks gorgeous!

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Melissa-Kitchen- We are having our cabinets painted and new doors added also. Part of our hinges show also. I would get another opinion.

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Yes, you can get new doors. As you can probably tell from my Before photo, I had exposed hinges and partial overlay doors (where you have gaps and see part of the box and/or stiles. My new doors are full overlay, perhaps not as perfect as new cabs, but the overall look is the same. Concealed hinges work fine. My GC cheaped out on the hinges, so I had to retrofit a Blum soft-close add-on which was totally easy and inexpensive.

Sounds like someone wanted you to get all new cabs. New doors and drawer fronts can be yours, too. :)

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Our kitchen is from 1988, not as oak-y, maybe maple-- little lighter.

We had exposed hinges which I really disliked. We had a cabinet maker change them into concealed hinges. It was about 15 years ago and I think he charged around $10 each.

This really was one of the most cost effective redos I have ever done. Lots of "bang for the buck." I think it updated our cabinets a lot.

I very recently (in the past few weeks) painted our island white. The hinges don't show as much on the oak but I think they would really have stood out on the white.

You may want to consider getting concealed hinges.

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Thanks for the wonderful advice! I didn't even know that I could get my hinges changed to hidden hinges. I also need to figure out where I could get an estimate for new doors. I guess that is my project for today. :)

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Melissa, for me new doors were surprisingly affordable. I worked with a KD at a local kitchen/bath design shop. Her fee was a cut of what I bought through her. Even so, paint-grade maple with MDF panels came out a lot less than new boxes. Of course, I still have lower cabs and blind corner cabs, but I knew that going into it. Getting end panels helps a whole lot too.

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I wouldn't do white hinges. They might look like they were painted when the cabinets were painted. You can get hinges to match your hardware.

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I recently painted my walnut stained 1984 oak cabinets. still in the process of getting everything together. New doors was a whole lot more than 1K! I am installing weathered nickel hardware and replaced the exposed hinges with weathered nickel ones to match. I'm using a combo of items from Overstock and Amerock for Less.

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I wouldn't do white, either. Too .. Harriet Homeowner? I don't know how to explain it, but I would go perhaps a nice satin finish nickle.

Don't let someone tell you you can't do something as simple as your doors. I buy reuse center cabinets and have had about a gudzillion different doors, styles, overlays, insets, you name it on them. I play around for very little money until I find what I like.

I'm even making some doors for a bank of cabinets that will have full, absolute overlay -- which I was told didn't exist. Ignorance doesn't make it true. I found the hidden hinges that do this overlay.

My point cabinets are just boxes. I've even cut them down so they weren't so deep, removed and added face frames, well.

I think you get my drift. Just because someone doesn't want to do it doesn't mean it can't be done.

Do a search. There are a bunch of great door people recommended on this board. I like Sherr's, CrownPoint, Barker, and the Cabinet

Are they filling the grain on your cabinets? Or are you letting it show thru the paint?

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