Kitchen in new house - any suggestions?

prescotthouseNovember 11, 2012

My husband and I are in our early sixties and building this house as a vacation home now and later as our main home. The lot is a half-acre, steeply sloping lot with vast veiws to the north/northeast which the deck side of the house faces. We are still at the stage where we can make changes but are getting close to choosing a builder and getting permits. The window over the kitchen sink faces southwest and the two windows on the east side are above the cabinets. What would you change?

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just from my experience with homes with views/outside activity and movement in and out of the house,I'd eliminate the island. Do you need it for something? The nice flow between patio door/deck/then dining seating is something you have just right....Watch it with "stocking up"...and then leaving the residence for a stretch. Therefore,a smaller pantry would suffice, thereby allowing more counter run if you do eliminate/or shrink the island. Enjoy your nice shangri-la!

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I always say I'm no layout person, but what I'm noticing over and over are these giant corner pantries smack dab in the middle of the counter run. What is up with that?

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Sorry, I posted this twice. Thanks so much for your replies.

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