Cleaning sealed granite

tarheeltimeNovember 18, 2007

We just had our granite (dakota mahogany) installed. The installers said the information on the sealer recommends against cleaning with ammonia based cleaners since it can dull the shine. Of course everyone says not to clean your granite with acid based cleaners. Anyone have a good cleaner to use since plain water tends to leave streaks?

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Hey there, I assume you're in too!:)

I use the Method stuff from Target called "daily granite". Works great, smells nice. I spray it on, wipe it with a clean paper towel and then buff with a microfiber and my ubatuba looks fab!

Good luck! I know someone mentioned mixing up their own stuff with regular alcohol and water or something like that. Maybe they'll chime in.


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I use glass plus( I buy the concentrate and mix it myself). It contains no ammonia and on the bottle it says " perfect for granite". I also sometimes use granite wipes made by weisman.

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I use the "homebrew" of 50/50 water/alcohol. You can use less alcohol if you like (many do). Use a microfiber cloth to clean and one to buff dry. Every now and then I'll spray on a granite cleaner/polish product but for daily cleaning, the homebrew works great.

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monica, is that just regular rubbing alcohol from the drug store?


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Many thanks for the responses!

rmlanza- no longer in NC, but I still watch lots of basketball games

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rmlanza, yes, 70%.

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I used diluted Simple Green and then do a quick sweep with a dry towel when it's dry to remove any streaks.

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I use soap & water, rinse and then use a microfiber towel to buff dry. I use the microfiber on just about everything in my kitchen since most things are either granite or stainless. You can get cheap ones at Old Time Pottery or for a $1 at the Dollar Market. Can't beat that!


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cburch, when you start to notice that your beautiful granite is looking a bit dull, just not as shiny as it used to, it's the soap film. Soap is hard to remove and sooner or later will build up on your counter. Good news is that you can remove it.

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I use 1C rubbing alcohol and 3C water and 1 drop Dawn for the cleaner for our Absolute Black granite. By the way if you have glass top tables this mixture works wonders on fingerprints and it is a fantastic window and mirror cleaner also. Can't get anything cheaper! Leaves the surfaces sparkling.


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I just use a damp microfiber cloth. If I'm feeling ambitious I follow up with a dry one. Same with all the other kitchen surfaces - I haven't purchased any special cleaning products (other than Barkeeper's Friend for cooked on crud on my range top) in over a year. Haven't needed to. :-)

I buy my microfibers at Costco, in the Automotive section - 24 for under 10 bucks.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Eventually Almost Mostly Finished Budget Craftsman Kitchen

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I use Stone Care International cleaning products.
Monika, My sister's granite is dull and she's been using soap and water. You said you can get rid of the soap film, how?

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monicakm - I asked my fab twice and they told me both times to use soap/water - I asked the second time thinking I'd get a different answer.Or they suggested buying their $50.00 cleaning kit, but told me soap/water would work just as well. Then DH asked the installer and I did too, and he told us to both use soap/water. I do make sure I rinse it at least twice, getting rid of all the little "bubbles". How do you get rid of the soap film?

JB - I might have to try that mixture. Would be easy enough to keep in a bottle under a sink. Do you put yours in a spray bottle? 70% alchol?

Robin-D - I use Barkeepers Friend for my stainless sink and trash can. I have used it on my frig, but usually I just use stainless wipes on it. I follow everything up with a microfiber towel. Need to check the Autosection .... go idea! Thanks!


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dburch/organic donna, it's hard to know what to use since the people we trust to install our granite all seem to have a different answers on cleaning products. It's crazy. Really, you just can't go wrong with a water/alcohol mixture. It's the only thing I haven't found negative reviews about. I don't know for certain what will remove the soap haze. It's been years since I read it on the findstone forum. Here is an excerpt from Maurizio Bertoli. Can't stand his holier than thou attitude but he knows his stuff :o He also sells a line of product so keep that in mind when reading his information. He sells a soap haze remover...

Try to wash your hands with water and dish soap, then put them under running water and see how long itÂll take for them to rinse properly. To have such a thorough rinsing (which is the only one acceptable) on your countertop, you should be using a garden hose! So, what happens if you decide not to use a garden hose to rinse your countertop? ItÂs very simple: a very thin soap film will remain on the stone surface, even if you dry it with a towel. At the beginning you wonÂt be able to notice it, but as you keep "cleaning" your countertop in that way, it will build-up and, within a few months, your beautiful stone wonÂt be as shiny as it used to be anymore! Assuming that you can figure out what caused it (donÂt expect any intelligence from the "expert" who suggested that you use such a home-brewed concoction!), you will have to remove all the soap scum, that is now caked on your countertop, by using a specialized strong chemical.

Here's the link to the entire page about glass cleaners and dish soap.

I know steel wool is supposed to bring back your granite's shine but I have no idea how to use it, how difficult the process is or if it would work on a soap film buildup.
Below is a link to an excellent site for everything stone related

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks, that's a great link.

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