Sconce above sink? (Trailrunner, others...)

junicbNovember 25, 2012

Our new layout will have the sink on a interior wall. The plan is for a couple of open shelves on the wall, running between the two adjacent uppers. Our electrician wired for an under cabinet light in that space (which is funny, since there is no cabinet there). So, we were thinking about a vintage-style sconce instead of one of the shelves.

Trailrunner has one, I know - if you're around and would care to chime in, that would be great. How high off the counters is your sconce? Do you have any issues with glare?

Some others with sinks facing an interior wall seem to have still used under cabinet lighting beneath a raised cabinet (Segbrown?). For those that took this route, do you see an unsightly UCL when you look up from the sink?

Here's a funny screenshot of our SketchUp kitchen. (The circle/line over the sink was a mock-up of sconce depth. If we go this route, we would most likely get rid of the lower shelf and mount the sconce there.)

Thoughts? Other options?


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heyjunicb...the base of the shade is at 33" above the counter height. We have no issue with glare etc as we use a frosted incandescent bulb. Love the direct light. It is one of my favorite things that I did since I couldn't have a window :) Hope this helps. Any other info you need just ask. Love your Sketchup. c

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ooops...pic ..

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Thanks, Trailrunner!

If I can impose upon you again - how far out from the wall does your sconce extend? Does it provide sufficient task lighting at the sink?

We're looking at the Princeton Sophomore from Schoolhouse Electric, but we're having trouble weighing the pros and cons of size (PRO: having it extend out further from the wall to spread light over the sink, CON: having a light stick out in your face while washing dishes).

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I installed sconces above my sink as part of our remodel. They are actually above my window and are 45" off the countertop and have a projection of 7".
I like the light you selected, but the clear glass shade will allow light to flow out, you may want to consider a white glass shade to reduce glare, and to help direct the light downward for better task lighting.

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local is right about the clear glass. I have clear ones out in the sun room and you sure can't look into them.

Mine is 11" out to the near side of the bottom of the shade. There is no way it is in my face..I am 5'2" or evenDH's and he is 5'11" so these measurements would work but I would definitely re-think the clear shade. Love the look otherwise. c

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