Question about Ikea cabinets and weight limit for base cabinets

nap101November 24, 2012

I haven't redone my kitchen yet.

I was hesitant at first but am now thinking about Ikea.

they have great design. Cost can't be beat. Great interior configurations. I might need a few custom things in the mix due to my unique and small kitchen, but I can deal with that due to the cost savings.

My concern:

I am planning on soapstone counters and the whitehaven cast iron sink. Will the standard Ikea cabinets support that weight and more? The reason I ask now is that I just replaced my kitchen window (pre-kitchen redesign) and had to stand on the countertop to do some work on the window (so add my 140lbs to the load bearing capacity), My current cabinets held it fine, but would this be an issue moving forward with Ikea?

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modern life interiors


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I have Ikea Ramsjo cabinets, Caesarstone counters and the Kohler Irontones sink, and everything is fine with the weight.
I was concerned about the weight of the sink, so I bought the Kohler kit, but the counter guys didn't use it; they said the adhesive was fine by itself. (Of course, I'd had it so long by then that HD wouldn't take the kit back, but anyways....)
I don't know that I would risk standing on the counter, but because I'm afraid of it cracking, not of the cabinets sagging.

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For what it is worth, the contractor we used for the outside of our house does a lot of IKEA kitchens. His advice? Don't stand on them. He went on to say no nooky on the peninsula... I can't imagine why he felt the need to spell that out for us.

So, if nooky on the island is important, I'd say pass on IKEA...

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"So, if nooky on the island is important,"

The stone will be cold and hard anyway...

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FWIW, if you use four legs for each cabinet, each leg is rated at 250 lbs, so that's 1000 per cabinet.

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Pallet & Palette

I have had several clients who picked out IKEA cabinets for their kitchens due to the attractive price points. Each one has selected granite countertops that were the thicker variety. They use them without fear of sagging, and rightly so. When you screw two cabinets together, you get an inch and a half of material between the cabinets. On the first IKEA job I did, I was going to screw 3/4" plywood to the top of the base cabinets to spread out the weight of the countertops, but my granite fabricator told me it wasn't necessary. He is right - they all perform great. So great that I often put IKEA into laundry rooms or craft areas of some of the million dollar plus homes I work on.

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Our 30" base cabinet held my 140lb son just fine when he wedged himself into it while we were doing the install.

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a local granite guy mentionned when I was in looking at his products that he always runs a stringer or reinforces in some way the Ikea bases before any quartz or granite goes atop. He mentionned a couple jobs he knew where the load was not accepted and it all collapsed after it was installed. It's probably worth some extra reinforcement.....I can't imagine the Ikea quality is getting any's okay stuff and good value,but working with it for longer better life doesn't hurt.

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