Can't decide on cabinets- white or wood?

kelliaNovember 5, 2012

Help! We are doing a budget remodel of our kitchen. Originally, we had planned on dh making new doors for our cabinets and then I'd paint them a light cream. However, after we purchased our countertop, backsplash, sink, etc, we had some family issues that have left everything sitting in our basement for over a year. So, we've decided to just purchase Ikea Adel cabinets so we can get this done!

I can't decide between the white or medium brown doors. All of our appliances are white and newer, so won't be replaced. I'm afraid they'll look bad with the brown cabinets. But, I'm also worried that the white cabinets, appliances and white subway tile will look too plain. My kitchen is "U" shape, so that's a lot of white!

Dh likes the brown, but I kind of want more of a change from our dark ugly cabinets we have now. I also am wondering which will hold up better to 3 kids and a dh who is hard on things, also! The brown would hide more stains but maybe the white would be easier to wipe off and touch up? I don't know!

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Below are the cabinet doors and our Wilsonart HD Sedona Trail counter top. We have white subway tile backsplash, black Swanstone sink and the floor will be a brownish tile.

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I think with the counter top you have chosen, the wood cabinet would look better than the white (although I am partial to white cabs). Good luck!

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brown base cabs/lighter on top-say white or intersperse white or brown uppers with ikea glass doors-they're a great deal/and do a lot to mix up the look a bit. Look at the sizes of the glass uppers and see if a couple would fit in.

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If you go with wood cabs and that countertop, will you still plan white subways?

I have some wood and some painted cabs. The wood definitely hides things better.. Sometimes that's good, when it comes to scratches, dings, and the splashes you haven't gotten to yet, and sometimes not, for cleanliness sake. I find the seams of the cream cabinets we have hard to get clean, like where the frame meets the panel. Sometimes makes me wish we'd gone with a slab door style.

The thing is, your wood option is not very grainy and doesn't have much variation in tone, so it won't hide things as well as some others.

With the white you are worried about too much white, but the wood and your counters seem so close to the same color, you may have a similar issue.

I'm sorry, I'm just throwing thoughts out. But I can't make a clear decision here. I like the wood cabinets and countertop together, but, as a personal point of view, don't like either of those rusty browns with white... Sorry not to be of more help or encouragement. Maybe you see something in the countertop, in person, that connects better with white than what is showing on a computer monitor.

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Nope, I agree with you! As I said, this was supposed to be a cheapie paint the cabinets project and we were keeping our original tile, so that was why I'd chosen the cream for the cabinets. If I'd known wood was an option, I would have chosen a different counter top. But, since we spent $1800 on the counter, I can't change my mind now! I had the white subway tile for the backsplash and a stripe small tiles with the rust colors going through it, hoping that would tie the white appliances in. Now I just don't know. :(

Any other feedback is welcome, no offense taken! I'd rather hear it now than later, and I'm already worried I'm going to hate it!

I guess I should look on the bright side- anything is going to look better than the 1979 cabinets we have now! :D

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Did you already buy the brownish floor tile?

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Nope, we haven't bought the floor yet. What's your suggestion? It will be open to the living room that will have wood floors in a couple months- next project! (Can you tell dd's graduating this year and I'm stressed about the party already? LOL)

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Have you been to ikea yet? I'd grab one door in each finish (check the As-Is first) and bring them home to see which you like best in your light.

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That's good. I think the flooring will be the key to tying it all together. I was afraid of the wood cabinets, brown floor and brown counters.

I am not sure what floor would work with the wood cabs, but how about a wood look floor tile with the white cabs?

Do you prefer the wood or white cabinetry with the white appliances? Are the white appliances new enough to guide design the kitchen around (if they are 10 years old, you might want to disregard how the appliances look and assume they will have to be replaced eventiually).

Traditional Kitchen design by San Francisco Kitchen And Bath Marina V. Phillips

Contemporary Kitchen design by Los Angeles Interior Designer Sara Ingrassia

Traditional Kitchen design by Chicago Interior Designer Claudia Martin, ASID

Traditional Kitchen design by San Francisco Kitchen And Bath Julie Williams Design

Modern Kitchen design by Boston Architect Hammer Architects

Traditional Kitchen design by Seattle Kitchen And Bath Emily Nagel Interior Design

Contemporary Kitchen design by Chicago Design-build Design Build 4U Chicago

Personally, given the white appliances and white backsplash tiles you are working with, I prefer the white cabinets. But I think the wood can work also, but the floor tile will be critical to getting a cohesive look.

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I agree, try taking home one of each door and see how they look in your light. It might be more obvious then. And you have probably already done this, but look online at as many pictures as you can of kitchens in each door color and see if one draws you more.

We have Adel white (with white backsplash tile) and I like it very much. It is VERY easy to clean, and so far our dogs and kids have not done any damage at all. Our kitchen is pretty white, with the white cabs/tile/fridge, but that suits us; and the countertop and floor help warm the space up (they are both wood). Black and/or stainless steel accents look really nice with Adel white, so you can always add some depth of color that way.

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Just saw your latest post re. appliance color. In general I think white appliances look best with light-colored cabinets, either light natural wood or white, so I'd vote for the white in your case. But I don't think it would look terrible with the medium brown either; it's just not so much my taste.

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I agree with herb flavor-I think wood on the bottom and white on top mixed in with some wood open cupboards/glass cabinets. Can you put into the ikea design tool and play around with the cabinets ? Dos Ikea make a softer white ?

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I like white cabinets, but I don't like those white doors. They're . . . too plain?

I do like the brown doors. The color seems to have more depth.

But I love the tile.

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