Ideas Needed For this Kitchen, Please...

Kathi67November 19, 2012

We are getting ready to build a new house and I would like ideas of how to make this kitchen more functionl. I thought about building a wall or half wal between the kitchen and living room, but just not sure what to do. Please help me.

We have two children at home. There is not going to be a formal dining romm.

Thank You,

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A couple thing you may consider that will give you more useable living space. Eliminate the hall way from the garage and to the master bedroom that hall way is unnecessary use of space that could be used to increase actual living space.

Move your door to enter the master from the breakfast area.This will make your master bath sink area/floor space larger.

Garage entry door into the laundry/mudroom increasing the size of that area to add a mudroom bench or more storage and move the kitchen wall back to the pantry making the pantry area a walk in pantry entering from the kitchen instead of the hallway.

This would make the entry into your kitchen from the garage pass through the laundry room and directly into your kitchen.

If I have confused you sorry. Otherwise your space looks like a nice layout.

One more thing that I did in our remodel we put a door from the laundry area into my master closet and I LOVE this. Makes putting away laundry so easy and gives you a back door entrance to the master bath closet that has become so useful for us.

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Hi Kathi,
What is your goal in putting a wall in? Privacy? More storage? If you put a wall where the dotted line is, there won't be room for your island seating there.

Do you have plans for a mudroom or coat and shoe sports gear, etc. storage, message/command center, or landing zone? I don't see anything like that in your plan. Your main entry looks welcoming, but the one that I'm assuming the family will be using everyday looks like it isn't nearly as practical or inviting. I know you weren't looking for comments on this, but I'd feel terrible if you got through the build and then realized that a major in--out-storage area was not considered ahead of time. You might enjoy checking out Sarah Susanka's Not So Big House book (and her other great books, too) as she goes into detail on thinking through all the spaces in a home and how we use them.

Moving the whole laundry area a bit to the left would give you a nice sized family entry with room for a bench, a generous closet or personal cubbies/locker style storage.

Hope this helps, and that you will get some phenomenal kitchen ideas, too.

Best wishes! : )

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I do not like the section with the sink intruding into your dining area. I would move it to the dotted line between the kitchen and familyroom, joining it to the small pantry in the corner, and put a small stainless cart on wheels in the center of the kitchen as an island. You wouldn't have room for a bar but your dining space would have room for a table with a extension for company. If you move the sink area as I suggested, play with the idea of making a small connecting peninsula at the end so that you can put the sink in that corner where the peninsula joins the current cabinets. This would then give you a longer, uninterrupted run of counter space. Hope this isn't too confusing without a sketch.

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