Is sealed marble surface food safe?

lalitharNovember 21, 2012

We are thinking of using a sealed honed marble for a table in the kitchen. Is this food safe? Would you feel comfortable rolling out dough on this surface?

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Debbi Branka

My sealer is 511. I roll dough and have food on my honed marble. Love it! On the Miracle Sealants website (they make Pourous 511), it says:

Interior & Exterior Use
� Weather Resistant
� OK for Food Areas
� Superior Coverage
� Easy to Use
� U.V. Transparent

Also, in the FAQs on their site it says: "511 is USDA approved for used [sic] in food prep areas."

Then this blurb about 511 H2O (which I have NOT used):

"511 H2O is a 0 on the toxicity scale, is non-flammable and has no odor. For any area where smell or allergy is a concern the customer may use 511 H2O."

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If you are just basing your decision on "safe" where you will not be poisoned by it, then it is safe enough.

This is a decision that you have to make for yourself. the industry says that the sealant chemical that they use is nontoxic and food safe.

I decided that I did NOT want to use a surface that requires sealing in my house. I wanted to be able to roll out pizza dough on the surface without the worries of chemicals. I used quartz for myself for this reason.

There is no right or wrong decision. You need to be comfortable with your own decision. You could say that millions of people use it without any problems so it must be safe. You could also say that the effects of chemicals is accumulative and delayed. So why use something that you don't absolutely need.

Either way, it comes down to a personal decision. Each person has a different parameter of what they accept in their house/life: organic versus non-organic, low VOC paint versus normal paint, treated wood versus non-treated wood, eco friendly countertop versus petrol based countertop, electric car versus large SUV. The list goes on and on.

Good luck on your decision.

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I have been curious about the same thing. There is no perfect choice. Everything seems to be a give and take. I like the quartz counters too but was concerned about the resin used. I looked into paperstone and wasn't sure about the durability. Didn't want granite or marble because of the sealing requirement and the distance it travels - but the durability is great! The list goes on... I think I will likely settle on quartz for the perimeter counters (like kaismom) and may go with quartzite or possibly soapstone on the island. I spoke with a person at one of the granite yards and he was all for natural stone in the true sense - don't treat it, but rather use it and get used to the wear. It will last a lifetime but may not look absolutely perfect.

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