Wood countertop for kitchen island?

northminnesotaNovember 1, 2012

Just starting to get plans together for our cabin/lake home remodel. We are trying to keep costs down but have a rustic/modern look in the kitchen. I am very intrigued with wood countertops on the large island and was wondering how well they hold up and if this will save significant dollars versus using granite. The island will be used for food prep, eating casual meals and playing games on. I will probably use granite around the perimeter of the kitchen. Thanks for any reviews on your use of wood.

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I personally love wood for countertops. The only way you'll save money on them is if you do a do-it-yourself version though, really.

Here is a link that might be useful: homeowner line of wood countertops - less expensive but looks expensive

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I tried to post this, too but it blanked out - here's trying again!

I use them for a lot of my "wanna be handy man" projects for friends/family actually because they are easy to work with, forgiving and inexpensive but look Super expensive if you go with a species like Black Walnut.

I recommend doing a waterproof finish like the waterlox finish that the wood countertop company I've been using recommends. It's easy to apply... the instructions look a little intimidating, but it's actually a lot easier. Not sure why they made some of the coats called "CRITICAL COAT" because when I first saw that even I was worried. But it was actually fine/simple. a lot of dry time between coats, basically.

Their DIY stuff is at the link below. I actually called in before I placed my first order and talked to a woman... don't remember her name... but anyway she helped explain the whole deal to me(why waterproof finish is good, alternative finish options, installation help). I recommend that if you're nervous about wood.

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