Can someone please explain pullouts to me install-wise?

deedlesNovember 25, 2012

I'm so sorry to beat the pullout thing to death. However.

When does one need to add a panel on the side of a pullout? If there is no cab there at all? Is that the only time?

Does the face of the pullout sit 'on top' of the panel or slide in next to it? I get that it's a filler piece so I don't know why it's so hard to wrap my brain around its installation requirements.

If you add one between 2 appliances (say DW and frz)then you'd need a panel on both sides, right?

Can someone please explain this to me like I'm in kindergarten?

thank you!

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Hi deedles, I saw your other thread as well and since your filler space is between fridge and wall you might be interested in doing a broom/utility pullout. I wish I could have incorporated this into my kitchen, I tried but we just didn't have the room left to squeeze it in.

Here are two posts from the ikeafans site that explain how they made theirs. One is between fridge and wall, so no extra side panel, and the other is between fridge and counter so they did use a panel there.

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Pullouts need to be installed between two cabinets. If you do a pullout between a cabinet and an appliance, it will need to have at least a 3/4" panel to the appliance side, and that panel will need some type of securing to the wall at the rear, like an L bracket. A pullout cannot be successfully installed between two appliances without a LOT of work in securing the two needed panels to the rear wall. And even if it were done, it still can be subject to too much torque and come loose over time with use. I wouldn't do it.

Most pullouts, but aftermarket ones especially, will need a filler at the front to cover the "guts" and for the pullout to sit even with the cabinet frame. That means recessed from the doors. If you want the pullout to be even with the doors, then you need to apply a filler overlay or a decorative post or split post.

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Okay, thank you... I'm starting to understand. Also found an old thread that was helpful. I'll forget the between the appliance idea, then.

Greendesigns: Thank you so much and please bear with me just to make sure I understand what you're saying:

1. If this installs between a cabinet and a fridge that has a side panel, I can attach it to that fridge panel as well as to the cab on the other side? Another counter height panel WOULDN'T be necessary next to the fridge panel?

2. If the fridge was free-standing, then a counter-height, 3/4" panel would need to be added next to the fridge so there'd be something to screw the insert to?


3. If I want it to look like a fill piece, just add the fill piece to the front of the pullout insert. If I want it to be even with the front of the doors then an additional something needs to be added on top of the fill piece?

One more question for you: If a person had a tall pullout between a fridge (with side panel) and a wall, could the insert be screwed into the wall on that side, or does another panel need to be added to the wall and then the pullout screwed to that?

Taggie: thank you for those links. I do remember that broom pullout. That might be in the running for what to do with that space. It would be handy for sure.

Here is a link that might be useful: old thread 3

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1. Yes, that's right. The fridge side panel would act as the "cabinet" on that side.

2. Yes, you've got it. But remember that I also said that the panel would need to be attached to the wall and maybe even the floor with an L bracket type of attachment.

3. Yes, again. A lot of times if a pull out is next to a range or sink, a split post will be attached to the filler to create decorative emphasis to the sink or range. At the very least, a profiled piece of stock (aka "filler overlay" on top of the filler will make it look more finished. That is, if you are using full overlay cabinets, or even partial overlay cabinets. If you are doing inset, then forget it, it's not needed.

The trouble with putting a pullout directly between an appliance and a wall comes because most walls aren't plumb or have bows in them. You've got to account for that out of square. At the very least, you'd want to do a 1" filler at the wall, then a vertical panel (that can be secured to the wall via shims or blocking) and then your pullout, and then the side panel for the fridge.

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The side panel on my fridge is only 1/4'' thick, I think. It is framed with thicker stock, but the actual side is thin plywood. I don't think that is thick enough to mount slides on.
You might want to check yours and ask the pros here.

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Okay. Think I've got it. Thank you so much, Greendesigns, I really appreciate it. Geez... this was a learning curve.

Bellsmom: I will keep that in mind when we get to that point. thank you for that bit of info.

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FYI...filler pullouts need to be installed b/w two cabinets. A cabinet with a pullout insert does not need to be installed b/w two cabinets.

However, even w/filler pullouts, you can install them b/w a refrigerator and a wall...if you have a well-anchored panel (see GreenDesigns' comments).

BTW...the panels surrounding my refrigerator are a full 3/4" thick.

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Buehl: I found the thread where you were trying to figure out your pullouts... it was really helpful.
I'll make sure the fridge panels are 3/4" thick when it comes time. Thanks!

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