Cooktop question...upgrading in future from 30" XPost-pls help

drewemNovember 16, 2012

Right now the budget has burst, and no more changes/additions (per builder, and wallet) can be made to the new house.

Builder is putting in a KA 30"cook top,a 36" 600 cfm KA hood above.It will sit in a 36 base cabinet.

When money allows, can I put in a 36" 6 burner Wolf? Obviously have granite people re-cut the counter. What else needs to be done? The KA fan states a 1200 cfm motor can be put in the unit.

OR a more economical choice is to upgrade to a Bosch 800 5 burner 30". I think it should just fit. Would it?

The KA cutout dimmensions are: Width 29", Depth 19". Bosh dims: Width 28 15/16, Depth 19 1/8".

However I've been told, you don't cook anyway so why do you need a good top? Not true, by the way, I really do cook.

Thanks for any advice. I know I will get helpful kitchen advice here!

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The number one thing you need to be able to upgrade to a 36 inch is a 6 inch cabinet that can be removed when the time comes.

When we built our house 8 years ago I planned to have a 48 inch stove in the house so I had my cabinet maker make a floating cabinet(temporarily attached and with flooring under it). The "upgrade" never happened and we just sold that house but it was ready to take out that cab, recut the counter and slide in my 48 inch Wolf.

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Thanks mgmsrk. I don't think I am understanding though. Where should the 6 inch cabinet be? The base for the current cooktop is 36, should it be a different size?

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Sorry, that was a brain laps on my part............I converted "cooktop" into "range".
As long as the cabinet is built for the future cooktop and the smaller one can fit for now it should be fine.

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Any other thoughts?

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