ALMOST finished cherry, beaded inset kitchen

partyof7November 14, 2012

We started our reno in August, and are still waiting on a few things, including a banquette, dining chairs and counter stools. We will be getting locally made Morovian tile for a backsplash, but still tweaking the design, then a 12 week wait to hand make them!

We have soapstone perimeters and aDanby marble island. Love it all!

Here's a before:

Here's the after:

I will post details a little later. Thanks!

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that is stunning!

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Gorgeous. Warms my heart to see a beautiful wood kitchen. You did a fabulous job.
I adore the soapstone/ marble mix.

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That is a really beautiful kitchen. Very classy and warm and comfy. You did a great job. Love the island with the marble(?) top, too. Gorgeous.

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What a beautiful kitchen! I love the little details like the pineapple light fixture over the sink.

PLEASE do post more pics!


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Holy gorgeous!!! I Love it!! (And you were able to get rid of your soffits! I'm so jealous!!) Fantastic job!

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Debbi Branka

Very beautiful! I LOVE your Danby! It looks so comforting! The cherry is beautiful - it's all gorgeous!

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Beautiful blend of woods! The detail of the cabinetry and different drawer fronts is stunning. Love the material choices!

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Love it. I love a warm stained finish kitchen and your cherry is a stunner. I see that you have done only a high sinksplash in soapstone.
Can you please post a straight on shot of your sink area? That is my plan too, and it is so hard to find images of and my stone is being templated very soon.
I love your pineapple light, and I feel like a remember a post where someone suggested that light, was it you that asked for details..... what a GW family we are!
Since you will be inundated with requests for more photos and more info, don't forget that stunning fixture over your island that we can only see a glimpse, and your whole oven wall. Pretty please :)
Oh I forgot to mention that the lattice front detail under the cooktop and sink is a real charmer.
Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks so much for the kind words. I love lighting and loved chosing the fixtures. This is a James Moder Impact crystal chadelier (awaiting 12 additional crystals).

And the breakfast nook sconces:

I came to GW unsure about making a soapstone windowsill. I am so glad everyone encouraged me to do it. It is lovely. Here is the straight on shot of the sink.

And my favorite is having a 36" all fridge and a 27" SZ column freezer. One of our best decisions!


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Hi Partyof7. I keep coming back to your kitchen. I just love the warmth and finish of your cabinets. Can you tell me who the manufacturer was and the finish or stain that was used?

And can you tell us about the fun hardware you installed on your trash pull out?

I will be watching for the completed kitchen. Please be sure to post more pics when your backsplash is complete!

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That is the cutest darned sink and backsplash. I love the sink base.

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How did I ever miss this? What a beautiful kitchen you've created!

Love the cabinetry and I really like the cab and drawers under your sink and range top. And I love that chandelier (wow!). And so much more. Great job. Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen.

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WOW - how beautiful.

I really like the warmth and beauty of the wood. I my head, the idea would be dark, but your kitchen is full of light.

Are the cabinets stained? What color?

Kitchen excellence!

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Thanks, honu3421! We had the cabinets made by a local (SE Pennsylvania) cabinet maker. The stain is called Pendleton, but it may be their own color name.

Do you mean the single trash pullout under the paper towels? I so badly wanted pulls on the cabs as I have had knobs my whole life. Those pulls look so sexy to me! But the stain color of the cabinets actually made it a little difficult to find hardware. The darker ones looked best. Then, I fell in love with the hammered KNOBS from England. I was insistent that I needed a pull for my dish towel, though! Nothing available was close to the finish, so the local hardware dealer had one made in the shop of iron. He was totally in to it, and he designed the softer ends of the pull, like trailing vines.

Thanks, enduring, taggie and ae2ga. My previous kitchen was very dark; "cave like" as there is a covered porch out the window and poor lighting. I agree, with additional lighting, it now feels warm, and not at all dark.


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Thanks for explaining the trash pull out handle. I noticed it too but I couldn't tell if it was a cut out or a pull in the picture. Tell the hardware man that it is lovely. It adds a very nice touch of character to your kitchen.

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Beautiful kitchen. Thank you for sharing!

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Absolutely beautiful. I am going back to look at details, but I wanted to comment. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I really like the stain on the cherry. It is dark enough to contrast with the floors, but retains the visual texture of the cherry.
Compliments to your designer!! :-)


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Your kitchen is gorgeous. I can't believe I missed it when you first posted. Do you have a photo of your breakfast nook? I love your light fixtures, all of them. Is that a shade pulled down a few inches over one kitchen window or a screen?

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I missed you beautiful kitchen the first time around. Just love it and am glad to see some of the same elements in your kitchen I'm planning to use.
Where did you get your soapstone and marble? I am doing the windowsill backsplash and cant get anyone to "see" this so am thrilled to be able to show your pictures.
Is the soapstone as thick for the BS/windowsill It looks thinner which is what I want.
I'm north of easton so need to check out Bucks county soapstone, Havent done that yet.
Your cabs are making me rethink what I've planned, so I really have to stop drooling at the lovely kitchens on GW.

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Beautiful! What a change from your old kitchen.
My new kitchen is very similar to yours including the wall color. I look forward to seeing your BS. Please share when it's done.


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I hear what you are saying about wanting pulls as a change from a lifetime of knobs, but I think your knobs (shape, size and color) are one of the things that make your kitchen timeeless. So now I am rethinking pulls. Love the story of your trash pull - I bet you smile every time you use it! That one has such personality!

Thanks for the info on the cabinet maker; I had a suspicion they were custom.

I have one more question for you if you don't mind. You said you have a covered porch over the kitchen window - what direction does your window face? is that west?

Your kitchen is my new ispiration kitchen.


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I don't know how I missed this one, either. Wowza! It is really lovely, serene, and classy.

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Marti8a- Here's the breakfast nook. Our banquette should be in next week.

Those are Pella casement windows from the 80's. So there are retractible screens at the top, and one of them is partly down!

ppbenn-Bucks Co soapstone supplied the soapstone. They were wonderful to work with, and happily designed the windowsill for me. The vertical part under the windowsill is 3 cm to help support it, and the sill is 1.5 cm thick. Love love love having a windowsill.

honu3421- The kitchen window faces south, and the porch has 3 skylights in it, but it makes the kitchen dark somehow!

Thanks camphappy, Bellsmom,and crl!

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Thank you partyof7, it looks great. The green paint is the perfect color for your wood. Very nice.

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Thanks for answering my questions. I just love all the details in your kitchen.


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Please post a pic when your banquette goes in.
And are you planning a backsplash? I am curious to know what you have in mind.
Your kitchen looks so good as it is that I cannot imagine what I would want as a backsplash.
By the way, I am linking this to my clippings as one of my favorites.

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Thanks so much Honu, marti8a and Bellsmom.

I will definitely post the banquette. I think it will be great. We'll see...

I live in Bucks County PA, where there is a County owned tile shop making tiles as Henry Mercer did in 1898! The Pennsylvania State House has his tiles all over the first floor depicting the history of PA. When I saw them there, I fell in love with them, and really had my heart set on them before renovation began! Here is a sample of the tiles. I chose this color green, but in a subway shape (2" X 4") The glazed green is beautiful because it has alot of color variation on each tile. I will have tiles above the cooktop representing the four seasons.

They are ordered, and will take 12 weeks to make. So, we wait! Thanks again!

For anyone that cares, here's more info on the tiles:

Here is a link that might be useful: Moravian Tile

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Absolutely unfair!
You have a cherry finish I wish I had seen before I decided on my kitchen. Yeah, I know it might not have been enough contrast against my oak floor AND oak walls, but still it is SO lovely.

And now you will have absolutely beautiful tiles.
Thank you for linking these. They are new to me. Really, really eye candy.

I am going back to look at the catalogue. The 4 seasons series is wonderful!

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