Kitchen cabinet advice

MaineMomof2November 10, 2012

Hi I've been browsing the forums and would appreciate advice from some of you experts on my new build kitchen. I have concerns on the function and size of some cabinets.

1. To the right of the stove the designer put 4- 24"drawers. What could I store there? Doesn't seem big enough for pots and pans.

2. To the right of the fridge I have 2-12" upper that seem to be to small for anything. Should I change to 1- 24"upper?

Any input would be helpful. Thanks!

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It's good you posted your whole house plan but can you post a close up of the kitchen? I'm not a layout expert but I think you will get more responses if people could see the plan better.

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Yes, second the need to see the kitchen specifically. Can't tell any of the details from what you posted.

Quickly though, yes for sure I'd change to a single 24" upper instead of 2x12s. On the 24" drawer stack, not sure what to say. Are there pot drawers on the other side of the range? If so, a single 4-drawer 24" stack could be great for utensils, baking tools, measuring cups, etc. Are your cabs framed or frameless?

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Hopefully this is a better shot of the kitchen. Thanks, Taggie, I will change the uppers. My cabinets do have a frame(shaker style). I don't have any pot drawers just the regular base cabinets.

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Agreed with 24" upper. Why on earth would a KD put 2-12's instead of 24.

I don't see the 4-24's to the right of the stove. I see 45?

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I agree the 2 12" uppers should be one 24".
Regarding the frame question, I think you answered about your door style, ie shaker, but what Taggie wanted to know was if the cabinets themselves are a framed construction style or a frameless construction style, because this impacts how much space there is inside each drawer.
The 24" cabinet to the left of the stove might be better off as a 3 drawer base, because the individual drawers in a 3db are deeper, and you can put pots in them, but to the left of the 24" is a 36", why not change to a 33" and a 30"?
Also, you may want to consider more base cabinets with drawers instead of doors. It is easier to get things out of drawers, IMHO.
You didn't mention your ceiling height, or your own for that matter, but you may want to consider 36" uppers, though you do have lots of cabinets planned so I doubt storage is an issue.

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I'm playing designer for my kitchen, so I have thought a lot about cabinet sizes. I don't understand how yours are broken up. There may be a great reason they are the way they are, but not knowing that reason I'd think about a few things.

What is the plan for the 45 inch cabinet next to the range? That's a large space for things to get jumbled up in. It's too wide for deep drawers. You could add pull out shelves in each side. But they will decrease your storage. If there is not a specific purpose for that or the 24 inch next to it, I'd shift them to be more equal, or 2x30 + upright tray storage or other configuration that meets your needs.

Where are your dishes being stored?

I'd agree with making the two 12s a 24.

The 24 in drawers might work well. Or depending on what you need to store there, maybe steal a few inches from the 36 base next to it and/or make it 3 drawers.

Is there a plan for the 12 inch upper in that section? I found when I actually got the tape measure out I needed a certain amount of space to be useful. Figure out what that number is for you. If 12 isn't big enough, and you don't mind the doors not lining up, I'd lump all the upper space together (after the corner unit) and play with dividing that number up different ways to get sizes that you find helpful. Don't forget to account for the face frame when determining your smallest useful size!

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My pot drawer base has only 21" of usable space on the interior because its inset cabinetry. There are 2 deep drawers. I use one drawer for pots. It think if its a deep drawer, you can keep pots in it.

I only have one wide drawer base, for dishes. Some of my other drawer bases are 24" instead of 30" because I wanted symmetry and didn't have the space to have it symetrical and wide drawers on each side of the range, similiar to your range wall layout. I guess its more important to have symmetry on the upper cabinets. If I understand your plan correctly, your upper cabinets next to the range are not the same size.

I think in a way, the smaller drawers allow you to be more organized. Most pots are 12" diameter or less, so you can fit many pots and pans. if you like, I can upload a pic later.

Good luck.

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Are you open to critiquing the design itself?

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Wow! I'm so overwhelmed! We have always had small apartments so I always crammed what I could and made the best of it. When we designed this house we wanted to make sure the kitchen was large enough since it's the hub of our home.

To answer some questions: Ceilings are 8ft. Cabinets are a framed box construction. I'm 5'4" but really hate overstretching to get the tall top shelf inside the cabinets. I thought I might keep my dishes in the corner cabinet since it's wide.

If I went with the 3 drawers to the left of the stove, the description reads
� One standard height full-width
drawer on top
� Two deep full-width drawers
on bottom with 6 7âÂÂ8" high sides

Is that tall enough for the pots and pans? I have a whole big set that I haven't used yet and want to make sure we have room for. I cook every day so I want to make sure it's comfortable. I also have lots of baking stuff.

I appreciate any critique since this will most likely be my forever home. Thanks.

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So glad to hear you're open to suggestions and critiques. Your layout has decent bones re. main appliance areas, but some changes and shifts here and there will definitely improve it's function.

The most obvious thing to me is to move the dishwasher to the left of your sink where the 18" cab (is that a trash pullout?) is currently shown. That way if someone can be at the dishwasher while you're at the stove or while you're prepping, without you being in each others' ways.

I'd experiment with pushing the range a bit to the left (though I'm not certain of that), and I'd definitely change some of the drawer/cabinet widths. But there are many better layout experts than me on the board so will leave those details to the more talented folks.

Have you thought about a flush island vs. the raised that's shown? If you like the raised that's no problem and I know it's personal choice. But just in case your architect drew it up this way by default you may want to think about how you'll really use the kitchen with your family and for entertaining.

Good luck and enjoy your new home and kitchen!!

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Ditto what Taggie said...

How many people will be working in the kitchen at a time? Now? In the future?

You have a lot of space, I think I'd rather see the sink along the wall and the island open for prepping, maybe with a prep sink. I like the large expanse of workspace an island or peninsula offers for things like large baking or cooking projects, school and science fair projects (if school-age children now or in the future), crafts, etc. It's also great for staging food for a buffet or appetizers for a party.

An open and one-level island will be far more useful, IMHO, than what you have now. All that perimeter counter is great for prepping, but it has no water and it's facing a wall...I'd rather be on the island!

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To answer some questions. I'm the main cook but my hubby likes to help. I also forsee having my 2 girls help in the near future. I do have a 18" trash pullout.
I'm so thankful for everyone's suggestions. I will definetly look into rearranging some of the cabinets.

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Do you have a layout that has kitchen measurements? The widths/lengths of each wall/window/doorway and the distances b/w each wall/window/doorway?

It would really help us help you with the layout.

You need a kitchen that can support 2 to 3 or 4 cooks at one time...this one will not. You have the three primary work zones in one space - making this a one-, maybe two-person kitchen (possibly two b/w of the wide aisle).

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Ok, I have sketched up the kitchen. It's about 16'3"x 12'11". I have changed some things per some suggestions. I do love the one level island look, but still want to keep the raised bar on the island because I know that it will be difficult to keep the sink clear with my 2 little ones and I like that the bar hides the mess. I thinks that since I moved the dishwasher it's probably better I keep the dishes directly behind the DW. I think glasses in the upper and was thinking maybe doing 30" 3 drawer for plates and bowls. Would this work? I also currently have the microwave above the range which I'm not thrilled about but didn't know where else to put it. Would love some feedback. Thanks!

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Oops forgot to attach

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I would change all your base cabinets to drawers except the sink, corner and 12"(use for flat pans). Put your microwave on the bottom shelf of one of the upper cabinets. Here is a link to a thread showing several.

Here is a link that might be useful: microwaves on shelves in cabinets

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Hi mainemom, I am not a layout guru but looking at your plan I have some questions about how you will use the space.
First, as one mainer to another, in that 3'7" space that says open to mudroom, are you sure you don't want a door there? A door stops the chill better, and it also stops the dirt better too, as it forces kids and dogs to slow down. Have you ever see the coir mats with embedded flex grates that Harbor Farm sells, they are awesome. I also use my mudroom as a place to lock the dogs after they get into a mess(you know, like the month of April), and until I have time to clean them.
Next, where do you want to be prepping or what do you want to be looking at while you prep. In my old kitchen I looked outside, which was nice, and I can still do that in my new kitchen, but now I can also prep facing the stools at the island and facing the dining room table. My kids eat breakfast at one of these two places, so when I am making their lunchboxes I can face them. They also do their schoolwork here, so I when I am making dinner I face them. This was very important to me so one part of my L is stove and fridge, and the other is clean up zone, island is just big open prep space, proximal to sink, fridge and stove. So think about how you will use your kitchen, and where you will want to do most of your work, the biggest work space currently is to the right and left of the stove, with your back to the rest of the house.
Also, your aisle clearances seem too big. 50" from stove to sink is just too far IMHO. If you can, think about carrying your full canner that far- ugh.
Good luck with your kitchen.

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