Okay, White Macc Quartzite or White Granite or Marble? !!! Pics!

heidiaNovember 26, 2012

I love this stone...they call it perla white at the granite yard. I was told it does have quartzite in it but it is listed as a granite, and they say it was really hard to cut. Thoughts-is this a white granite, quartzite or marble?

I def do not want a granite or marble that etches or stones easily, so I just want to make sure that my suspicions(that this is a quartzite) are right and that it will not give me the usual marble problems. Thoughts?

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Another pic

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That looks very much like the White Macabus quartzite. Being hard to cut is a hallmark of quartzite, so that is a good sign. I would still bring home a sample and give it your best shot at scratching, staining and etching though. (See the low-down on super white thread for specific instructions for how to do the glass scratch test.)

Your supplier is incorrect when they say it has quartzite in it. It is quartzite. It has quartz in it. It is not a granite but they often classify quartzites with granites because they are similarly tough.

Bottom line, most likely you are good to go, but you should definitely do your homework with a sample.

And also, it's beautiful! :)

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It is gorgeous.. One thing to look is the vertical lines.. They might be fissures.. Run your finger on the entire length and also see if they have any extra sealing, mesh in the back ..

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Thank you cat mom. :)

Lalitha-I did feel it, and it feels smooth-would fissures feel diff? If so, what would that feel like?

I am getting a sample today! Going to drop some acidic and staining stuff on it and check it after 1, 3, 5 then overnight...:) But...even with white mac, should I see some staining if not sealed? I just wonder what is a realistic expectation re the staining? Thoughts?

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Okay people-got a sample! WOOT! Things are looking good so far...the edge scraped a glass beer bottle with barely any effort. And I cannot get the surface to scratch with a steak knife either.

So far...seems hard...

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Nice work! That sounds like quartzite for sure. I am not sure about the stainability without sealer on there, but at least you are free from the issues that come with marble.

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Yes, that is a quartzite. Please be careful and remember, just because its a strong material does not mean that it will not stain/discolor. Many coats of sealer will help reduce the staining but will not prevent it entirely. I recommend just adding some water to the surface, leave it for a bit, then dry it off. If it darkens then water was absorbed into the material. The water will dry out back to its original color but oils and other items will causing staining.

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Thank you all for your help.

Okay, it is sealed.

So far, I have performed 20 min and 1 hour test with ketchup, balsamic, turmeric paste, orange wedge, red wine, olive oil, water, and bar keeper's friend paste(I use this alot in the sink and want to make sure it will not hurt counter)...

For 20 min and 1 hour-wiped off with water, NOTHING! YAY! But...yes, the oil and water area darkened...I can tell it is soaking up the liquids. Actually, when dh brought in the sample from the rain, I could see that the areas under the rain drops were slightly darker.

Did the same test over 3 hours, but added crushed blackberry...it is slighty stained now-the blackberry and turmeric left very faint discoloration on the polished area, and a very noticeable stain on the unsealed/unpolished edge. The water and oil, again, left a very very slight darker spot that I cannot see after a few minutes.

NO etching. AT all. Not even sorta.

I decided to crush a blackberry on it and see what happens after 20 minutes...no stain at all, wiped up with water.

So...I am okay. I was most worried about etching, and it is not happening. The staining? Am I correct in assuming that this will happen with any natural stone? I know it is not supposed to be as porous as granite or marble, but it still is some what porous right?(kinda like you are saying PreciousStone?). I am thinking this just needs some more/better sealing? Thoughts? What type of sealant you think?

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Okay, last update, lol...I think part of the blackberry issue was because the juice overlapped the unsealed edge and seeped in...

Did a little retest making sure berry was ONLY on sealed area-so, I placed a crushed black berry on the polished surface for 20 min-NOTHING. Not a spot with just water removal! Did same thing for one hour and...NOTHING! :)

For the old 3 hour blackberry stain, I put some baking soda on it and now it is just a slight blue color, could hardly tell it is there on the polished side and it is a light blue on the unpolished edge...

Turmeric is gone...cannot find a trace...

I think I am okay. :) I am just going to be ocd on getting it sealed some more and get giddy over this stone. :love

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Quartzite varies in porosity more than granite; i.e. some quartzites are very low porosity - lower than granite and some are very porous - more than the most porous granites. In use that shouldn't matter as the porous ones can be sealed and then wont stain.

Ours (azul do mar) was low porosity and I didn't get any stains on the unsealed sample.

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Exciting news! I like how thorough you've been. It sounds like you have found your perfect countertop. And just think - you will have an ancient beach right there in your kitchen. How many people can say that?

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Thank you Karin! :)

Cloud Swift-good info, thank you. :)

Okay, because I am ocd, lol, I had to do the blackberry test for 3 hours on *only* the sealed part, and...drumroll...no stain...came right out with a wipe. So...I just gotta make sure this is sealed. :)

Thank you all again. :) I will post pics when we get it in the future kitchen. :)

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Sounds like you definitely have quartzite on your hands! It looks just like mine, although mine was/is called quartzite bianca or luce di luna. I've had mine for 2+ years, nothing has ever stained it. Or etched it.

Enjoy the stone, it is gorgeous.

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"One thing to look is the vertical lines.. They might be fissures.. Run your finger on the entire length and also see if they have any extra sealing, mesh in the back .."

Could you please go into more detail about this, about what to look for and whether or not its a good sign or bad sign.

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Wow really pretty slabs there. Can I ask where the stone yard is and if they have any left? I am having such a hard time finding a workable white stone for my island.
I'm in PA

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Martin and Heida - on fissures

As far as I understand, where there is a line of grain that runs off in an odd direction, it may represent a place where the stone shifted during formation (or perhaps later) so there was a small crack (aka a fissure) which was then filled in. The concern is that might not be as strong as the rest of the stone, but it may have just filled in with more quartzite and be fine.

It feeling the same as the rest of the stone and not having pits is a good sign.

Our fabricator was concerned that some spots in our quartzite might be fissures. When we laid out the templates on the stone, he wanted it done so a possible fissure wasn't right on the edge where it might have more risk of cracking. We took his advice though I'm pretty sure that they were just part of the same quartzite. We didn't have any problems in fabrication or installation and love the results.

If the rock is smooth, I wouldn't worry much about possible fissures. A slab can crack during fabrication because of an unseen weakness or mishandling - once it has made it through fabrication and installation and is properly supported, it should be fine.

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Sochi-your kitchen was an inspiration to me, your stone is so lovely!

Cloud_swift-thanks for the info! :)

PPbenn-I am in TN and it was the last slab on the yard. I am sorry! I would go around in person though because diff places label this diff things and they normally do not have their updated stocks on their sites. Good luck!

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