Leather pants stained my white banquette cushion!

PipdogNovember 23, 2012

At our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, my sister sat on our white synthetic leather banquette in our kitchen with brand new brown leather pants. Unfortunately, the dye in her leather pants rubbed off on the banquette cushion and has stained the banquette cushion.

I didn't notice the stain until this morning, and I've tried everything on it...Magic Eraser, OxyClean, Windex, etc. and the stain is not budging. The stain is about the size of a small pillow. Does anyone have any tips on remedying dye transfer on synthetic leather material? It seems that there are a few commercial grade cleaners that address dye transfer on leather, but I'm not sure how well they work or if they will work on pleather. We had such a lovely Thanksgiving, but it is a bummer waking up to this. :/

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Did you try hairspray? I know it works on leather (toddler scribbled with a sharpie on new club chair), but with pleather I'd test it carefully on a small hidden spot first to be sure it won't affect the bonding material.

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I did try hairspray as I used that to get ink out a few months ago but it didn't work. I also tried rubbing alcohol and that didn't work either.

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Did you try bleach? I finally used it in desperation in a similar situation, and it worked like a charm! It was a bread bag sitting on a chair and the label transferred.

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Careful with bleach. It yellows synthetics, so what will it do on faux leather?

My mom had white leather couches in our cottage when we were growing up. What was she thinking!? Anyway, almost everything came out of those couches with leather shoe cleaner.

I don't know about about synthetic leather, but it couldn't hurt. I'm figuring you're etching the fabric with all these chemicals and will need to reseal it.

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Try Lexol leather upholstery cleaner (from the automotive section) -- it took dye that had been rubbed on from new blue jeans off of some white leather chairs I had when nothing else would work.

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"Crocking" is the term for dye in a fabric that rubs off on other things and leaves its . . . ahem . . . calling card. Blue and red dyes can be bad about this, too.

Have your told your sister about her pants? She needs to be careful about where she wears them, as it will likely happen to other surfaces, sort of like a brown-dye-typhoid-Mary, spreading the "joy". I doubt she would want to ruin upholstery everywhere she goes.

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Give it to some dry cleaners or take advice from them. I think petrol will help more to remove such dye marks.

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