Help me finish the powder room - I need tile help.

muskokascpNovember 6, 2012

I know this is OT but there are so many great tile expert/lovers on this forum that I just had to ask.

I am trying to finish my powder room and this has been painfully dragging on for over a year! Something about kitchen renovation burn-out "don't ask me to make one more decision or I will poke my eyes out!"

SO - I finally made a decision on a vanity and sink - the bright red Godmorgon sink from ikea. I love it yet it sits in it's box because I have to decide what to do with the wall behind the sink and toilet. It is a smallish powder room roughly 5 1/2 ft square. I am of the camp that powder rooms should be a little fun, hence the red vanity. I have flipped back and forth between wallpaper and tile, but I think tile is the winner. The layout is similar to the third picture except where the shower door is, this is the door to the powder room. I would love to put the white/silver Bisazza tile (pic 2 and 4) from the level of the sink up and cover the whole wall to the ceiling but when priced out it was crazy due to a minimum order my tile store needed. I really like the silver accent tiles in this tile. Does anyone know where I could find a similar type tile? What should I put on the wall below the small tiles - a larger tile? I would just paint the 3 other walls and put an oversized print on the wall opposite the toilet.

I also need a new mirror and a faucet for the vanity.

If I can make some choices and finish this room I am sure my DH would be eternally grateful.(Me too!)

Contemporary Bathroom design by London Interior Designer Kia Designs

Modern Bathroom design by New York Architect Product Bureau LLC

Contemporary Bathroom design by Montreal Interior Designer Studio NOO Design

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I love the godmorgan sink for their clever plumbing moving the ptrap to the back so that you can have drawers. I got one but my plumber threw up all over it for the cheap quality of the plastic in the plumbing. He did agree about the design and is building ours with the ptrap in the back so that we can do drawers using better quality stock parts.

Mirrors.. I would suggest picking this first as this will drive much tile you need. Have you looked at IKEA mirrors. They are a good price point. Also home goods etc..

Faucet.. Online prices are much better.. Do you like the look of the faucet in the picture? I went with a simple version from a good quality brand for my regular bathrooms with a single lever. For powder room, I also wanted it to be fun and did wall mounted in antique copper.

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I hope the plumbing bits are durable but I imagine my plumber may also have an opinion on it! Oh well, too late to return it since the nearest Ikea is 12hrs away.

I just want a simple contemporary single lever faucet. Maybe this weekend I can get out to look at some.

Sicis tile has some nice iridescent tiles but I have not seen them IRL and have no idea how much they run. Wouldn't I tile the entire wall first irregardless of the mirror that will be hung?

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Yeah, plumbers usually have a conniption about the ikea plumbing, but just point out that it's basically the same as doing an accessible sink for wheelchair access and he can probably figure it out. If not, there are some photos on the ikeafans site of plumbing done with US pieces that works with the sinks that you can show him.

I love the red godmorgon vanity. I would tile the whole wall if you find tile you can afford.

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