2 Island configs-seating on 1 or 2 sides..which one do you like?

autumn.4November 4, 2013

edit 1: wrong pic number 2! Thanks hockeyfan!

edit 2: resized pics " thanks Liriodendron. IâÂÂve never run into this issue before. When I went to edit there was a lot of extra garbage in my post language.

Please vote on either 1 or 2 (you may offer a third). ;)

Initially we were fine with #2 but the more I looked at it I wondered if it would be better to have seating on 2 sides and add the cabinet facing the fridge for wrap/baggie/paper plates storage as well as counter support.

We are a family of 4 - one dining room. We serve breakfast and snacks at the counter regularly. I'd also use the island for a 'buffet' on the rare occasions we have company.

What do you all think?

Option 1:
Better conversational seating
More landing space on DW side for clean up and buffet serving

Option 2:
More prep space on the range side.

Thank you!

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I think you posted the same picture twice?

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Sophie Wheeler

With the dining room RIGHT THERE, seating at the island isn't as important as if you didn't have the other table within sight. It's for casual chats with the cook, not heavy duty eating. You can always use the additional prep space from off centering the sink. It functions better for the WORK that goes on in the kitchen.

And, thinking of your other issues, it would be really helpful if you had a second source of water in the kitchen, like maybe a small beverage sink on the run under the MW next to the fridge.

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I like the stools on two sides! Great idea about the little cabinet opposite the fridge :)

Oh, I posted on your other thread, too...another good reason to have stools on two sides. What do you think?

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I think it depends on how often you sit at the island for meals with the kids vs if it's just the kids eating meals at the island. For us, we ALL sit at the island so I wanted seats on both sides. If it was just the kids eating breakfast at the island with other meals being at the table, I'd go for increased space on the island and seating only on one side.

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Your text isn't wrappng because of the horizontal size of of the image you posted. Here's how to fix it;

When in PB you could whack off the unused left portion of the drawing and/or resize an unchanged image to make the dimensions smaller horizontally and then the text will wrap as normal.

It doesn't matter as much when viewing on a full sized screen, but for those of us who use a lap, I find many times the crucial text is lost for me under the right hand ad column.

Another (in desperate cases) work-around is to REPEAT the full text that's in the opening post after a few messages have been posted below the original. Even though the text-wrap is still messed up often there are no ads to cover them up lower down on the page so one can see the full text despite it being unwrapped.

When I see this problem, I generally just click out of the thread and ignore it. It's like the threads where the iPad and iPhone users persist in saying they can see the images right side up even many when others can't.

I haven't got enough time to spend on GW struggling to decipher upside down images or blocked text posts.


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We had a peninsula for years while the kids were growing up and designed it for two seats on long side and one on the end. Turned out to be a great concept as I shared many, many quick on-the-run meals/snack times with them at that end seat. It was convenient for me to serve them from the kitchen with the bonus being I could grab a stool and share some great quality moments. Vote for #1 :)

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I am not a fan of counter seating (especially all-in-a-row), so I would definitely vote for #1.

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I am torn.

We had a peninsula and used it often for the kids but only two stools so I never ever sat down. While we have room for me to sit with 4 in a row, I don't think I would use it. But, I think I could easily see myself stealing the end seat to face my boys while they eat/snack do home work.

With the peninsula I stood across and ate standing up so I could see them, clear plates easily etc. I know that's terrible but that's how it was.

So I think I'd use the end seating more than the in a row but then I give up prep space.

Maybe a shorter overhang on the end? For a snack I think maybe 9-12" would work?

Holly-I am quite certain hubby would not go for another sink, but I hear ya.

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So I'm hearing for 1 that you would actually -use- the seat on the side to sit, you have the cabinet across from the fridge for wraps, and better conversation seating. For 2 I am hearing more prep space, but you really have the same amount of counter available, just allocated almost equally on either side of the sink vs one side being larger.

It looks like you have other areas of long counter runs for use if needed, so to me it looks like 1 is the clear winner. You have a few larger drawer stacks, so converting the island stack to 18+24 might be beneficial. I'd look at making the 24 facing the fridge a 4 drawer stack, the shallow drawers are perfect for wraps and bags in one layer.

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To me it depends on how much space you have between the dining table and the island seating. If that is more than 5 ft then #1 would be my choice.

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Nan-that is what I envision - grabbing a seat and slowing down a bit instead of standing and hurry hurry hurry. Plus I think that someone on that end seat could SIT while helping prep and still be in a good spot.

Williamsem-you pretty much summed it up. I just worry that in the end the broken up prep might bug me but you are right - I'd have a nice chunk on either side plus behind me by the stove. Yes I do want 1 4 drawer stack and maybe that will be it!

Lyfia-I am not exactly sure. I will measure tomorrow. The walls started going up today.

kksmama-thanks for the pics! I like the stools that tuck under nicely. The view is unobstructed that way. On the other hand the stools with backs that you posted look like they would be more comfortable to linger.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts, even if it was just repeating my thoughts for me to read in someone else's words. It's very helpful. :)

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My vote is for seating on 2 sides-- no question! Much more social!

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I have 4 seats down one side and often pull a stool out to the other side so I can see my kids. If I can ever justify changing the granite, I will extend it a foot so we can have two sides seating.

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Neither. Option A gives you a more social sitting area at the expense of less prep area/cleanup area division. Option B gives you the better prep area/cleanup area division, but at the expense of sociability.

Option C

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Option D- And both of these give you BOTH a better prep area AND social seating.

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I like option c. I like the curve island top so it is easier to talk to each other.

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LWO-so are those 9 x 4.5-5 instead if 9x4? I counted the squares-each are 6". Is that the main difference besides the arch (which I do like and had one on my peninsula).

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Allison Gamba Design Consultant

I just went through the same dilemma and ended up with an area similar to option 1. In my last house I had option 2, felt like a diner at the counter if you've ever seen the Seinfeld episode where they sit at the counter that's how bad it got. Whenever we had friends over and used it as a buffet wed end up sitting there, so awkward. Now with 2 young kids I thought option 1 would help with the sociability and now that it's done I LOVE it!! It won't affect your prep space if you use backless stools, it's the same sq footage. Plus I thought for homework it would be great to sit beside my children while they work and they can sit beside me while I cook. The other option just looks too cookie cutter.

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nyse-thanks for sharing. I am still trying to figure out how I want to support the overhang. Are you fine with the legs? I worry the kids will be brutal on them. :(

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Allison Gamba Design Consultant

I had legs in my old house and I have 2 young boys, 5&3 and it was never a problem. Only thing I did to accommodate them was make the island dark because when they sit kids tend to swing their feet. Good luck!

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