LG-HiMacs countertop, anyone have? opinions?

babbieNovember 19, 2008

DH just called all excited about a deal on LG-HiMac countertops that Lowes is having. 2 free edge choices, free seamless sink, on sale (plus an additional cost of $180 for making the sink?) and the most expensive was $75 (includes templating). We will need @45 sq feet of countertops and in our area no one seems to be having any great deals on granite yet. Haven't found one I love yet, but prices seem to be in the $90 range (includes templating and edge)

Anyway I cannot find much on this board -- is it a corian type product? We have corian in the baths and I like it there, but wanted either quartz or granite in the kitchen.



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It's like Corian but not as nice (and not as expensive). The colors are boring and obviously man-made, whereas Corian has some options that you'd have to touch to realize it's not real. Our Lowes is having 10% off Corian with a free seamless sink, which puts costs between $41 and $71 all-inclusive.

I have a friend who has Hi-Mac and it's pretty in her kitchen, but her kitchen is pretty contemporary, so the man-made look isn't out of place. My kitchen is going for a vintage 20's look, so I chose a Corian that looks like Carrara marble.

Does your Lowes not carry pre-fab granite? I know our Lowes had some for less than the cost of the Corian I got.

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thanks kitchen1921, we live in Vermont and no pre-fab granite here--

I do like some of the newer Corian that look like Marble.

I am more of a traditional look person altho not against contemporary and I think I was not impressed when I saw the hi-macs in lowes a while ago.

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If you want quartz or granite for the kitchen, get those.

But to answer your question, I recently had LG himac countertop installed in my kitchen and I love it! Yes, it's a corian like substance. It is not really cheaper than corian....just like corian there are different levels of price. generally, the larger the pattern/flecks, the more expensive it is. I don't think it's boring at all...you have to find what works best in your kitchen, with your cabinets and for me, this looked far better with my dark wood than any of the corian colors I saw at the time.

Mine is called tambora...Part of the volcanics collection, it was in the most expensive category (E), but on sale for (C) prices at the time I got it in August. It still was NOT cheap! I got an eased edge because I like a clean, simple line...and did NOT get the sink that came with the deal, opting instead for a nice big single bowl stainless that I bought myself and had undermounted. Lowes did the install and luckily for me, the only company they use in my area is an excellent fabricator, not just any old guy. they did a fantastic job. I love working on the surface, it just feels great. I cut on a cutting board as I've always done. Kitchen isn't picture ready yet....when it is I will post.

I was open to all alternatives when looking for a counter and explored granite, corian and other solid surfaces, quartz, and laminate. Took me forEVER to decide but I'm happy with my choice. Good luck!

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thanks jessie 21, I should have clarified DH wanted granite, I was interested in quartz, but ultimately no decision has been made and if our budget does not permit pricier options, I would put in laminate if that ended up being more economical.

the only decision I am able to make is what I do not like for colors, whether it be granite, quartz, corian or formica!

Can't wait to see the pic.

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One of the KD's who frequents here Kompy recommended it to me but it isn't one of the less expensive solid surface products in our market and was well out of reach of our budget. I preferred Meganite which actually is a little less expensive (but not inexpensive enough, we went with laminate) but the Hi-Macs looked nice.

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I just got Hi-Mac counters and love them. I chose them b/c I thought Corian was boring, the Hi-Macs had more interesting colors at my Lowes. I didn't care for granite, too cold and busy for me. The Hi-Macs are not inexpensive, same as Corian but I got my counter on sale, I think it was a D or E and got
it for C price with free sink.

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Boring was the wrong choice of words and I apologize. Obviously, this is all a matter of taste. I think what I really meant was that I didn't see any look offered by HiMacs that couldn't be reproduced more cheaply by choosing laminate. The Corian was more realistic looking, but I'm a fan of natural products. Someone who likes bright, fun colors would definitely be happier with the HiMac range, but I still don't know why you wouldn't go for laminate if you were wanting bright colors.

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I have Mesa Granite Hi-Mac which is a mixture of grey, brown, black and white in small flicks, which I love. Not bright -never thought of any of their colors as bright! Anyone interested should go to the Hi-Mac website where they show their colors.

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I am planning on Hi-Macs in Azure Quartz, but am not doing the integrated sink. I have had the sample (I ordered off their site) of it for over a year and just love it.

I did all sorts of testing with my square and it still looks great! With all the flecks and colors in it, I think it will whether daily kitchen abuse rather well. I obviously won't cut on it or set hot pans on it, but I don't do that with my laminate counters, either. I'm already "trained"--and so are hubby and kids.

I'm looking forward to it. I just wish they would have a sale on the Hi-Macs. It is pretty expensive!

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kitchen1921, I would have been really really happy to go with laminate...I am not prejudiced against man made items, had good experience with it in the past, love to not spend a fortune. But I never found one I thought would be right for me. Loved the look of the textured ones, but I like my counters smooth feeling. A bigger problem for me was that I really wanted an eased edge (really, mostly squared) and did not want the seam on the edges that you get with the square edge on laminate. That's another advantage of the solid surface over others. No visible seams anywhere. I love it.

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As an indy KD, my fabricator offers about 12 edges on any solid surface as a standard edge (no upcharge). And Hi-Macs has been offering a free sink now for about year.

It's true, you can get a laminate top for less with the same look. However, the big selling point is it's longevity and repairability.

I just sold a laminate top. Wife wanted Hi-Macs...husband wanted laminate since it was a starter home. They plan to live in house 3 more years and then sell. Tops came to $1512 installed. They have to buy a new sink...so let's say they buy one for $250. That's $1762. Hi-macs was $2699 installed with a sink. That's only $937 more for something that will help in selling their home. My biggest fear for them is if they somehow damage the top within the next 3 years...chip or burn the laminate, water damage....seam separation...etc. But they were willing to take that chance.

I also love the volcanics colors. I have done many Tambora...I have Lattitude in my showroom.


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HI-MACS is an excellent countertop material. It is a solid surface material that has inconspicuous seams giving the countertop a monolithic look. I have Tambora countertops in my house that look awesome. I went with a zero radius double bowl stainless sink that my wife loves. The only thing we wish we would have done differently is splurged a little more and got the cove backsplash. Our friends did and now we wish we would have spent the money.

HI-MACS also came out with a new marmo series this year and we think Terni will be the perfect color for our bathrooms. My wife wants the integral vanity sinks for both bathrooms.

HIMacs is not the cheapest material, but we became believers after renters trashed the kitchen at one of our investment properties. The countertops were trashed (we thought) but a local shop was able to refinish them back to their original beauty for around $300. They told us that was the best part about HiMacs - that no matter what happened to them they could be fixed. We were sold after that.

In searching for a Himacs countertop company at our new house we used www.himacscountertops.com

Here is a link that might be useful: Find local Himacs countertop fabricators

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We purchased LG Hi-Mac March 2011 for $5500. It has been a complete nightmare! From day 1. First the color & chips did not match the sample, the finish was different than the sample. Then came Day 2-18" scratches, just from using regular plates, no pots or pans, no cutting on the surface, nothing but dinner plates. Purchased from Lowes, have been dealing with them since the day of purchase, first they are going to replace with my choice of product, then they want LG to replace. Now LG says they won't cover warranty because YES it does scratch. You can have it sanded out. I would have to have a professional live here, since I get a scratch or two almost daily. My advise, spend a little more-buy quartz or marble or laminate. No more LG products in this house.

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Hi.......HELP! We just had the LG HI MACS installed and hate it! Scratches way too easily. Has your situation been resolved? How has your sink held up? Any input appreciated as we are in the "Complaining" stage with Lowes and the installer. Thanks!

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Ordered an LG Solid Surface Countertop for new home in 2007. In the first year countertop cracked. Because it was during the housing bubble, the contractor that installed it went out of business. We were finishing our basement and we found that LG Warranties their countertops. We sent in to have our countertop either repaired or replaced. LG sent out a technician. Technician stated it was because of heat that it cracked. I sent in pictures that it was over a Dishwasher. They asked if there was a heat support. I pulled out the dishwasher and told them there was. They still denied the warranty. I would strongly recommend you don't purchase an LG Solid Surface Countertop as LG doesn't honor its Warranties.

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I have been hired as a warranty agent for many major solid surface manufacturers. I can tell fabricator error from customer abuse virtually every time.

If you post pictures, I'd be happy to offer a diagnosis.

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I put the HI-Macs counter tops in a caretaker apartment we built on our property. We purchased the material from Home Depot. If I had to do it over again, I would have gone with Corian. Just trying to find a contractor who will service this product after the initial installation is near impossible. Home Depot used a company called Duracite to install it. Within a year there was a surface crack and the finish was looking scratchy. Home Depot sent the same local Duracite contractor out. He wasn't even told what issues needed to be fixed, so he didn't have the tools to do the job. He was able to fix the crack, but I have made repeated calls to Home Depot to have them come out again to smooth out the scratches. The Lowes stores in our area stopped offering HI-Macs because they could not find a reliable contractor to install or service it. Bottom line.... make sure the retailer who is selling this does their own installation and service. Don't buy it if you have to rely on a third party contractor.

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