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embemisNovember 1, 2013

I am so excited to finally have our layout back from the KD so that I can share it here! I will also post first floor plan so that you can see the big picture - and see the horrible initial layout....
This is our first time building and really want to get the kitchen right...Please let me know what you think! I have already learned SO much from this forum and value your opinions greatly. Thanks so much.

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Can you flatten it out? The curl distorts the cabinets (unless Frank Gehry is your KD...)

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Sophie Wheeler

You're asking your island to do too much. The DW is right in the middle of the prep zone. I'd much rather see the section of cabinets to the right become your cleanup zone with the main sink there. Use a single 36" refrigerator that is located between the table and a range in the cooking zone, and put a small prep sink on the island. The space isn't conducive to the large amounts of large appliances you're trying to use. Especially with a single source of water.

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Hopefully these will be better images!

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Range Wall and Island view

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Sorry for the numerous posts - haven't figured out how to do them all at one time!

Fridge wall on the left side of this image - not crazy about the roll up area.

The right side of the image is the wall "F" in the lower left corner of layout.

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I agree with Holly. For a big kitchen, with lots of appliances, the actual work space is TINY. You'll be stepping on top of each other around that island. If you want to use the number of appliances in the sizes you indicate, you need a larger space. But, the space is approaching being too large for efficiency as is.

You've got bird on a wire seating on the island. You've got your cleanup zone. You've got a small prep zone, right on top of the cleanup zone.

Do you really need that much cold food storage? Your cooking wall has a lot of counterspace, but it's wasted, because that won't be used as workspace. The only water source is on the island.

There's a lot of focus on symmetry, to the detriment of functionality.

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Holly and GreenDesigns,
Thank you so much for taking the time to look and advise. I agree with you both and am concerned about workspace, but am not sure how to fix it... I do not need that much cold food storage. I hadn't decided on a fridge when I met with KD and she put those in. I would like to keep the range top and wall ovens (went with the 36 range top for space).
We will be starting construction in a few weeks and if I need to adjust floor plan now is the time to do it! I have thought about moving screened porch to off of the master, and bringing that exterior wall in so that I could have an additional wall for counter space....but the thought of making all those changes is a little overwhelming.
Do either of you see a simple solution?

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I have been working on the layout all day and am hoping to find a solution without moving walls....Do you think that downsizing fridge/freezer and having a larger island would help?
I have played with getting rid of the table in front of French doors and putting a round table with built in seating in the lower left corner.
Do you think that is moving in the right direction?

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Have you had a chance to read the FAQ regarding layout help? If not, I recommend you check it out. The FAQ describes the information we need to help you get the best kitchen design for you and your family.

Regarding your layout - I agree with all that's been said here. You have hardly any useful counterspace at all...

Could you list the appliances you need and the ones you want (separately)? 72" of refrigerator/freezer space does seen a bit excessive...unless you have a very large family and store large amounts of fresh/frozen that the case?

Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ: How do I ask for Layout Help and what information should I include?

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