Sink support for granite installation

rocks911November 2, 2012

I am wondering about the support for my composite sink that will be installed in my granite.

I am about to have templates done for my granite and I have been thinking of things to ask the installer. He just called and said he was sending a guy to template by the name of Marteen.

I told the fabricator that I had hoped that he was personally templating (he said that he normally does, and I thought, great I get the abnormal) so I could talk over some things with him. I said I guess we'll have to do it over the phone and I asked about the kitchen sink support. He said he supports the sink with wood. I told him that I was pretty sure that metal was recommended and he replied that he uses wood anchored to the cabinetry.

I also mentioned that I wanted a lot of the corners eased, that I didnt want a sharp corner, and he said that wouldnt be a problem. he told me to just tell all of it to Marteen. I asked does Marteen habla, and in a fairly confident voice he said "yeah, he's pretty good". Egad.

Isnt this always how it goes...on the front end all smiles and extreme interest, then the help shows up and you're left hoping your wishes get translated to the guy that sold the job.

So what is the preferred sink mounting method?

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Metal clips holding the sink to the granite is standard. I believe that wood supports are just fine. My opinion, formed here by a granite guy, is that the Sink Setter is the best. (See link.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Sink Setter

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I wne tand looked at a recent job this company did. They used wood screwed into the cabinet. Clearly the method used was about supporting the sink until the epoxy cures.
Is this sufficient?

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Our newly installed sink/granite is silicone with wood support that can be moved to work on plumbing.

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there are a lot of ways to mount a sink. the best is with "T-31" mounts.

A shaped diamond tool is used to cut "T" slots into the underside of the granite. The sink is then literally bolted in place. you can stand in a sink mounted this way.

there are also rail systems available which work OK.

the one thing you don't want is a sink that is "glued" in place with the caulking agent between the sink and countertop. We get calls several times a year to repair an installation done by a schlock fabricator where the homeowners sink full of water and dishes fell into the cabinet. it's always a big mess!!

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I think you need to be up front with your fabricator and tell him that you're just not comfortable with a Latino doing your templating. Marteen (Martin/Martine) could have been French/French colonial, but then you would have said "parle" instead of "habla." I know it's hard to fess up to these things, but in the end, it's your job and your money, and your comfort level probably isn't going to change any time soon.

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