Opinions of mixing countertop materials

katmuNovember 3, 2013

I'm building a new home, and I'm trying to keep the whole house in a Craftsman style. I'm planning to do cabinets like the ones in the pic below, but I'm really struggling with what to do for counters. I really wanted more of a subtle look on the perimeter, like soapstone, and more color on the island. Everything I've been reading about soapstone has me thinking it might not be the right choice for me. I've looked at Cambria but I'm thinking the glossy finish might not look right. I do like that Cambria is made in my adopted home state of MN versus granite that is likely imported. There is a granite I really like called Bordeaux (kind of a terra cotta color) and I also have a sample of Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone laminate that I really like.

If I did the Wilsonart on the perimeter, I would want to do it on a thinner substrate so it looks more authentic. If I went with the Bordeaux granite, I think I would want a honed finish.

It will be just me, and my 22 year old autistic son using the kitchen. He doesn't really cook so primarily a one cook kitchen.

I feel like I'm going in circles at this point, so I could really use some advice from GW.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Bordeaux Granite

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I think that would look nice! I love your cabinet wood, and the Bordeaux is so pretty and colorful!


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Just wondering why you think soapstone is not the right choice? Nice looking door.

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I really like the look of a different counter material on the island - at least in pictures I've seen.

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My concerns with the soapstone are mostly around how often it needs to be oiled. I've been reading it could be as often as once a week especially at first, and also the potential for dings and nicks. I'm not as concerned about scratching.

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It never needs to be oiled. People only do that if they like the look of it. The dings and nicks can be an issue and there are different soapstones. I really wanted soapstone but DH said he couldn't handle it if there was nicks. So I dream.....

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You can oil soapstone or not. I've had mine for about nine months now, and oiled it the first few weeks, but then decided to let it go natural, and I love it taking on it's natural patina now...

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ctycdm- Have you had issues with the soapstone getting dented or dinged?

I'm moving from a 1930s Tudor so it's not like I'm not used to patina.... :-)

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I'm in MN in a 100 year old house with a more period kitchen. I have a mix of marble and soapstone and think they go well together because they are both of a matte finish.

I've had my soapstone for 8 months now and have never oiled it. I have a few very small dings in the area that gets the most heavy duty use in my kitchen. They are really only noticeable as a difference when I go to wipe down the counters, and the slight difference is level is discernible.

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