Are there any Counter- Depth Refrigerators between 36" -39" wide?

Fun2LearnNovember 10, 2012

Hi everyone. I know that most larger refrigerators are designed to fit in the standard 36" wide ref. space. I have a 39" wide ref. space and would like to get the largest capacity counter-depth fridge that will fit there(and not be ridiculously expensive, either!) Does anyone know if there is a counter-depth ref. made between 36"-39" wide? I did a quick search, and found an extra-wide one made by LG, but it is too big for me at 44" wide, and it is being discontinued anyway (its probably on clearance sale for those of you with lots of room!)Thanks so much for any leads!

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I searched for you on ajmadison. Nothing between 36-39". Fridges jump from 36" to 42".

If you're going for a non-built in/integrated unit, you'll need air clearance on either side of the fridge. Check the specs for the one(s) in which you're interested to see how much. I think average is about 1". Then add on any side panels to cover the exposed sides (depends on your layout), and you're at about 39" anyway.

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I agree with the above.

And if it makes you feel any better, in our new town build we deliberately went with a 39" opening for a 36" fridge as it was against a side wall. Our last home had a 36" opening against a wall and it was super-annoying not being able to open the door far enough to get the drawers out, without pulling the whole fridge out past the wall. So if your fridge abuts a side wall then count your blessings on the 39" opening regardless. I know that doesn't really solve your problem, but it might at least make you feel better. :-)

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Thanks so much for the feedback both of you!Well, I guess I feel better knowing that 39" is now becoming standard for ref. spaces and really isn't wasted. We replaced our cabinets about 10 years ago--and the whole reason we did it then was because we needed a new refrigerator and wanted one of those new, "cool", side-by-side refrigerators that needed 36" clear, and our original layout only had a 33" space for the ref! (Of course, I was thrilled to have an excuse to justify replacing the ugly almond-colored formica cabinets!) So, when we planned the new layout, I wanted to make sure that we left extra room for the ref, just in case, in the future standards for family-sized refrigerators got even bigger! Then, later I always had kind of regretted giving up that extra 3" for a ref. instead of cabinets!

That was so nice of you, Breezygirl, for looking up ref. widths on ajmadison for me! Do they allow you to limit searches by width? I tried looking on a few web sites, but I thought it would take me all day to click on ezch one and look up the specs for the width. Now I know, I won't waste my time looking for anything wider than 36"!

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You're welcome! Yes, ajmadison has a search function which can, among many other specifics, lets you search by width. I found their website an excellent place for research. Sounds like you made an excellent decision years ago. ;)

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