Black Friday shopping--worth it for kitchen items?

cathy725November 19, 2012

Are Black Friday prices worth purhasing items in advance for a kitchen remodel? I'm thinking microwave, dishwasher, kitchen faucet. My remodel probably won't start until January (hope to order cabinets in next two weeks if we get design finalized).


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All the sales I have seen are on entry to mid level appliances (Kenmore, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, etc). If you plan on having high end appliances then I haven't seen any advertised.

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Have you seen some you are interested in advertised for a good price?

I haven't seen any big appliances advertised. I just got a JCP flyer in the mail with small appliances for $8. I really could use some of these but I can't read the brands in the photos. hmmm.

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Just remember the clock starts ticking on the warranty for most appliances upon delivery, not installation. Is the money you save on Black Friday enough to forego months of the warranty?

Also, do you have a place to store the appliances until installation? There have been sad posts over the years about appliances ruined during storage by workmen, or they get tipped over, knocked and dented, wet, or even stolen.

And what if your tastes and wishes for appliances change as your kitchen plans materialize? Especially if you hang out on this forum and see all the great ideas! Perhaps you planned for a 30" range, and then fall in love with a rangetop-wall oven combo instead? Or you thought you wanted a Kitchenaid side by side fridge, and then saw the Samsung french door instead?

Sometimes the Black Friday appliance deals don't look any better to me than the deals you can get other times of the year with a little haggling.

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I've seen Kenmore having a sale, but I think that's now. Don't know if it continues after Thanksgiving, but appliances generally go on sale pretty regularly. AK is also right -- you get locked into models when you might change your mind, might have to take delivery and store them and the warranty begins to run before you use them. You may also run out of time to return them if they don't work from the start -- and you take the rick of not being able to prove they weren't damage in storage rather than transit, delivery, etc.

We almost bought some appliances before we have everything locked in. Good thing we didn't -- we changed everything before we were done.

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We had to replace a few things this year because they died before the remodel, and The online GE store had very good black Fridays sales. They also had good presidents day sales. They generally have rebates that stack with the sales too.

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I would wait until you are closer to your remodel, for the reasons already mentioned in this thread. We bought our Kitchenaid DW online because the price was too good. It was better than anything we'd seen locally, and we'd been watching the local prices carefully. Not only that, we were about to pull the trigger on the DW, and saw that on the KA website that they'd been offering rebates. At that time, we literally missed the deadline for the rebate by 2 days. Then things came up in our remodel which delayed ordering several kitchen items like faucet and DW for several months (glad we didn't lose out on that warranty time). (And, by the way, there is ALWAYS some delay or another - don't expect things to finish when you expected them to.)

Anyway, by the time we purchased our DW online, KA was once again offering rebates on DWs. I think it had been 3 months since the previous one ended. I sent in our rebate form, forgot about it, and about 6 weeks later, a $100 master card arrived in the mail. Like a nice little surprise bonus gift. Had we shopped only at Black Friday, we wouldn't have gotten the rebate, and I didn't see the Black Friday prices any better than the online price. (if you decide to order online, make sure the retailer is an Authorized Dealer of the brand you want).

Also, you couldn't PAY me to walk into an appliance store on Black Friday. It'll be a chaotic mess.

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Thanks for all the input. I didn't really want to shop Black Friday and it seems like there are lots of appliance sales throughout the year. I'll wait.

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