Layout help - aye, aye, aye!!

phillyfeetNovember 8, 2013

I want to say that i am very grateful for all of the people on here who help each other. Kitchen remodeling is an overwhelming process, so it's great to have a place to bounce ideas and share experiences.

We hired architects to help with an addition and kitchen remodel. They have been great and have lots of good ideas that seem to be right on track with what i have seen here on gardenweb. But there are still a few issues with the current plan and wanted some feedback before i meet with kitchen designers for the cabinet quotes.

About us- family of four with 2 toddlers. My husband doesn't cook and I'm hoping my daughters will help me bake when they get older. I always loved to bake and finally have some time to learn to cook and experiment now that i am working only part time. The current kitchen isn't very functional in terms of counter space and sink location. I do almost everything on the small kitchen cart/island we bought. Someone took the part of the wall down between the kitchen and dining room and made the half wall a very non-sturdy peninsula. It has become a catch-all for "stuff."

We will be expadning out the back of the house to add the family room and will relocate the dining room to the back as well to gain more space in the kitchen. Gas lines and plumbing can be moved, but columns/ wall need to be incoporated along sink wall to maintain structural integrity. Also, there is an odd spot of glass blocks 18 inches wide on one wall - i guess someone added this for more light in living room. We have grown used to it and currently, it will remain in reno; however, it starts about 34 inches from the floor and therefore, the counters will have to be lower at this end of the run.

My goal is to create a functional inviting kitchen where i can cook and family can gather (but be out of my way while i'm cooking!)

Must haves- 36 inch gas range, island, prep sink, reduce refrig size in plans to 36 inch from 42 inch
Would be nice - 2nd wall oven (not sure of size or conventional electric vs steam oven), tv spot, refrigerator drawers
maybes- warming drawer

My concerns about current plan -
1. flow from dining area to refrigerator - will people be walking through my cooking zone? can i alleviate this with fridge drawers elsewhere. currently, flow would be good from living and family rooms to fridge
2. where do i put my glassware - so used to uppers by the dishwasher currently
3. location of wall oven and micro - want landing zone above oven and near micro (don't want built in micro)
4. peninsula - we had it extended to accommodate 4 stools, BUT - worried that this forms a bottleneck in kitchen. I have never lived in a house without table in kitchen. I'm afraid losing the table in the kitchen will be less comfortable. Should i nix the peninsula and place small round table in this area instead. i think we are going to widen the raised countertop on other side of sink (in family room) for additional seating when needed and will have cabinets and/ or shelves built underneath for storage of infrequently used items.
5. glass blocks - as mentioned above. if they weren't there, i could have more freedom in appliance locations, upper cabinets and counter height. Husband wants desk over there, but i'm not crazy about that idea at all.

Whew! I hope i got everything in. I can't find the post about what i should include in the layout help request.

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existing layout

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So, what we really need is a detailed, measured layout of the space, including the widths/lengths of each wall/window/doorway and the distances b/w each wall/window/doorway.

The FAQs now have the various posts from the old "Read Me" thread - I've linked to the Layout FAQ below.

Meanwhile I will see what I can do, but w/o the detailed layout it will be tentative b/c we need measurements to know what will actually fit where.

Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ: How do I ask for Layout Help and what information should I include?

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Since there is no seating overlooking the family room, what if you swap the main sink and range? That would give you more contact with the family while you cook, easy access to the island prep sink...and storage for your dishes. You could use one of those 'glass' hoods, with maybe glass uppers, in place of the glass block? That would look nice from the family room :) From Kitchen plans

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buehl - i copied all the measurements i had from the architects drawing. i'll try to add more as you suggested.

lavender- swapping the main sink and range is a great idea, but will that pose a problem with venting since the area above the main sink was going to be open? I am still trying to figure out the venting requirements for the range. also, not sure what you meant about the glass hood. i'll try googling it!

Meeting with cabinet stores this weekend to get preliminary pricing on some custom vs semi-custom lines and i'm really excited.

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If this is an existing space, can you measure it yourself?

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it is an existing space, but most doors and windows will be removed, moved or added. I will measure what won't be changing tonight and add it in.

Lavender- i think i'm losing it! when you said glass hood, were you talking about the vent hood? for some reason, my mind went to the other wall with the glass blocks and i couldn't figure out what you meant!

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1, 4 and 5- It may be better to add seating to the raised bar in the FR and remove the peninsula. Then, you can have fridge drawers at the left end of your cleanup counter.

I don't think having a table in the area where you have the peninsula would be good, because it may block your way to the pantry. Maybe you can move the LR entry to the left and move the sliding doors from the office near the pantry and have a table near the cooking counter (or go to table height near the glass blocks and have a peninsula for eating).That may discourage people from coming into your cooking zone.

2- Maybe something like this for your glasses (the one on the side).

Or you can keep some of your glasses in the drawers.

Modern Kitchen by Wellesley Kitchen & Bath Designers Divine Kitchens LLC

Also see.

3- How about something like below for landing for micro/oven?

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Sena01 - wow, what great suggestions! I love that first picture with the column for glasses. if i went with table height peninsula by the glass blocks, do you think that would interrupt flow from office (the office will just be a tiny room open to the mudroom that will be the main front entrance for family and entrance from garage) to bedrooms (looking at the diagram, our bedrooms are to the right of the kitchen and living room - we live in a ranch style house)

Buehl -I'm attaching the diagram with a few more measurements. i put a few ? where i really don't know what it will be. that small wall by the living room entrance is in rough shape. we think there is brick under there that was continuous with the fireplace and raised hearth. Someone before us covered all the brick with dry wall and plywood. We were able to fix up the fireplace area and hearth, but had no idea what to do with this plywood covered wall that measures 46" w x 17" D x 24" H. We just painted it the same color as the walls when we moved in and hoped someone would come up with a creative solution when we eventually remodeled the kitchen. Still not sure what is going to go there. This house had a lot of really bad DIY projects (like the box fan in the attic that blew into our garage!)

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Measure the existing space, mark what is changing (we can probably figure that out, though), and post the resulting layout here.

That will give us a better feel for the space. Right now, we can't tell how long or deep the kitchen space really is b/c there are only partial measurements. We might be able to figure it out eventually by trying to cobble together the partial measurements, but it would be much easier if we could see them all.

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okay, will do tomorrow. i realized i did make a mistake in labeling the space tonight- the entire space is 12'11" deep by 25'6 3/4" long. Just about everything is changing except that small area leading to the existing living room and the basement door!

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Existing layout.
the top of the drawing is the back of the house with basically all windows and doors. This is where the addition will go (behind current breezeway, dining room and kitchen) and therefore most of the wall will be modified.

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Proposed Layout

I tried to mark the changes in red.
I want to ditch the 18 inch wide glass blocks, but DH not sure because he still likes the light it brings into the living room. Back of the house faces southeast.

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It seems you can't move the LR entry to the left and so having a table height peninsula or a table at the end of the cooking zone would not work because of the LR entry and the island.

I think it would be better if you moved the pantry closer to LR and have a corridor at the back of the pantry and have the office near the DR, so anyone coming from there go to the FR thru DR instead of walking thru your cooking/prep zone.

BTW, with 12' 11" length how can you have 42", 46" aisles at the top and bottom of the island? I guess the cleaning counter extends over your FR some inches.

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