Sneak peak at my custom Amish made kitchen (pic heavy)

ICFgreenNovember 23, 2011

Yesterday, my family was able to see our kitchen cabinets being made. Our Amish cabinet maker is the brother-in-law of the foreman who framed our new two-story ICF house. He's worked for a cabinet company for the last 15 years or so, and is starting out on his own, so he gave us a GREAT deal to help build his portfolio. (We'll be taking photos throughout the process for him to give to his printer). It's been really fun for our family to get to know his, and especially seeing our toddler play with his boys.

I figured it was about time to share more that you'll ever want to know about my new kitchen.

Here's an older rendering of what the kitchen will look like:

Aerial view. We have removed the open shelving wall to allow more daylight from the dinette. The legless part of the counter is my open baking center/wheelchair friendly counter. Because I have a disability, we are building our house with as much universal design as possible: wide hallways and doors, rockers instead of switches, levers and pulls instead of knobs, even transitions between rooms, ICF walls and cork floors for sound proofing, etc.

View into the kitchen as you come in from the mudroom:

View into the kitchen from the entertainment/prep island.

Recycling center on the end of the prep island. It's touch controlled with Blum Servodrive. We original planned to get Hafale step opener, but he wanted to see how this works, so he upgrades us for free. It's a touch-sensitive, soft-close opener. Really really cool. In addition to the trash/recycle bins, there will be a drawer above for paper recycling and odd recycling (light bulbs, batteries, etc.)

My original inspiration for the recycling center (Ikea):

Future baking drawers. To the right of this will be my lowered baking counter/table.

Inspiration for my baking center. This is me at a kitchen showroom near my in-law's house in Holland:

We are so impressed with the quality

Starting to put the drawers together:

Fits like a glove:

The dovetails are perfectly smooth

All the drawers are soft close with Blumotion:

Lazy susan (and yes, Joe did give us permission to take his picture)

Cubbies for my cooking oils and wines. This will be to the left of the stove.

My little towel/supply shelf under the prep island.

No particle board in this kitchen:

My little cutie does a little quality inspection:

D and his friend:

Here's one finished slab with the cork floor, backsplash, counter and paint:

Close up of cork, counter, backsplash and paint

Close up of quartz: Hanstone specchio white. I love the recycled glass!

Close up of cork:

There's a command center off the prep island and a 9' x 9'10 pantry off the entertainment/clean up island.

No pictures of the command center yet.

The quote for custom trimwork in the pantry almost half the cost of our kitchen cabinets, so I decided to get creative.

Pantry layout. I found a cool site ( that lets you play around with furniture placement. This is what I came up with for now. It's not perfect, but it will be functional. There's open space in the middle so a wheelchair can maneuver around. The door is 36", from there, going clockwise: HomeCourt bookcase, full size freezer, 7' bookcase, 6' bookcase, 7' bookcase, 6' bookcase, HC chesser, HC dresser. At some point, I'd like to get a butcher block top to make the two dresser/chessers look like one unit.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

I'm repurposing this wood bookshelves to hold bulk items. I actually have another 7' one not shown:

This is how I stuff my bulk goods, so I'm quite excited to expand my goods!

I found the next three pieces on clearance a local furniture store. They are actually part of a boy's bedroom set!

I'll put the first two together and cover with a slab of butcher block. The inside of the shelves will be painted the same green as the pantry and kitchen walls.

Pantry bookshelf inspiration. Similar green inside and natural maple finish outside, instead of white.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Last but not least, here are the pendants for the outer island:

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Here is a link that might be useful: de Jong Dream House

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OMG! Your kitchen is going to be smashing! I can't wait to see it all in place ;) I am really digging the pendants, btw.

Your son and his buddy are adorable!

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Wow! Great craftmanship. I bet you can't wait to see it installed.

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Really great cabinets, and I love the other choices you've made.

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Looks like it's going to be wonderful.

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I love your pantry, bulk storage - so smart and luxurious. You will have a work horse of a kitchen, and pretty to boot!

Would you please post more info / photos of the cooking oil cubbies? I have a spot right next to my stove (~12") I'm unsure how to use and that might be just the right thing.

love the recycling center.

I will have a pantry bookshelf, too! And am looking for tiles like yours -- you showed them to me earlier and I love the depth they create.

Good for you!Thanks for sharing.

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Looks wonderful. You have an amazing craftsman to interpret your fabulous ideas. Good Luck ! c

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Can't wait to see the finished kitchen--all your elements look like they will work beautifully together!

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Beautiful!!!!! Every last little bit of it. Can't wait to see, but know it's going to be amazing for you. Lots of great thought put in.

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It's going to be amazing!

Congrats on your progress!

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Can't wait to see more. I love the way good dovetail joints fit. But, those lights are gorgeous.

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Beautiful!!! Makes me even more excited as we just sumbitted our plans to our Amish cabinetmaker!!!

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thanks for sharing the progress, love the color of you new cabs

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I love it all!

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Gorgeous! Your cabinetmaker is so incredibly talented! The boys are adorable.

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These are great pictures! Thanks for sharing such joyful images.

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You and the boys are adorable!! That kitchen is going to be fabulous!

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Our kitchen reno was finished this summer and our cabinets were made by an Amish cabinetmaker as well, the craftmanship is truly amazing! Enjoy!

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Thank you everyone! We are so excited! The cabinets should be done in the next 2-3 weeks. We are closing on our current house Dec. 12, and hoping to be in the new house by Feb. 1.

BalTra, this is the only other picture of the wine cubbies that we have, taken from the back, without the shelves.

These weren't in the plans, but a last minute change suggested by the cabinetmaker. I would guess the cubbie space is 5-6 inches, so you'd definitely have room if you have 12".

I uploaded a few more pictures to share...

Better photo of the door sample:

Kitchen at sunset:

there's actually really great light during the day. this is the foyer, going into the great room. the kitchen is off to the right.

looking into the kitchen from the great room (ignore Elmo on outer island place holder). The arch in the back is the command center.

looking from the kitchen to the dining room. there's a covered deck to the left.

the back porch off the dining room with stamped concrete.

Our dishwasher is slightly raised:

DH shows the size of the pantry:

View from the pantry, looking into the great room:

View from the pantry, looking into the kitchen:

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Thanks for the additional pic!
The home looks just perfect.

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for the boys furniture set that you bought, can you tell me the manufacturer? I really like that last piece. Love your Amish cabinets also- the quality looks amazing

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Hatethecold (love the name! I grew up in MN!)

The furniture is from Value City Furniture. It's part of the LeBron James HomeCourt Collection. Any wonder it was on clearance here in Ohio! :-) I saw that last item first and thought how great the baskets would be for potatoes and onions, and the tall slots is ideal for baking trays.

Baltra, I can't remember if I mentioned the backsplash. It's called Solistone Mardi Gras in Carrollton. (There are several other colors). We bought it at The Great Indoors, which is part of Sears, but we've seen in a lot of tile stores, too.

When I first saw it, it stopped me in my tracks. It was exactly what I wanted: glass tile that weren't a solid color, but not too busy either.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Up close:

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Here is a link that might be useful: HomeCourt by Lebron

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Your comment about the Lebron James Collection made me laugh. I'm from Ohio, too, but I guess I'm far enough from Akron that I forgave him right away.

I LOVE that glass tile!

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This will be a fantastic space - congratulations!

Your lights are GORGEOUS! What's the manufacturer/model and where are you getting them?


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Mpagmom, I was trying to figure out why a solid wood collection would be on clearance at such a good deal. DH and I had quite a laugh when we made the connection. Still a pretty sore subject around here. We're not big basketball fans, so we'll take the deal. Although I will be replacing the basketball knobs on the drawers!

Momqs, the lights are from ET2 and are part of the Fizz Collection. There is also a sconce, 3 pendant fixture and a few other lights. We bought it at a local lighting store, but I'm kicking myself for not getting a better deal at Homeclick (link below).

Here is a link that might be useful: Fizz pendant

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Just beautiful!

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WOW, stunning. Truly stunning.

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I was kind of hoping the NBA strike would never end so we wouldn't have to hear about it anymore.

I really love everything you've chosen and can't wait to see it all together!

    Bookmark   November 28, 2011 at 1:13AM
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