Bracing Undermount SS Sink AFTER Install?

3kidsonedogandusNovember 10, 2013

I had a Caesarstone countertop installed yesterday. I just was about to take out to the recycling the cardboard box that the ss undermount sink came in when I heard something rattling inside. It was the brackets and screws. That concerned me. So I read the Installation guide, that was also still in the box, and verified that they are supposed to be used. I then (wish I had done this BEFORE the install....) did an internet search on how undermount sinks are supposed to be installed.

First of all, it doesn't appear that a plywood base was applied. Secondly, the only thing holding the sink in place appears to be the epoxy and four pieces of 2 x 1 wood around the perimeter (but not the entire perimeter) of the sink. They are glued (epoxied?) to the stone. No screws or anything like that anywhere to be seen. They did properly temporarily secure the sink from above.

From what I have read here on GW, I think I should be worried about the sink holding on for more than a few years. Also worried about the unsupported counter elsewhere in the kitchen. Now, it is a small kitchen, so the longest span of unsupported counter is 57" x 23". Should I be worried about that as well?

The only thing comforting me is the fact that my prior countertop which was laminate also was not supported by plywood, so maybe my concern about unsupported caesarstone elsewhere in the kitchen is unjustified. But I am still concerned about the sink.

So - any advice anyone? Is there anything that I can do, or have done PROFESSIONALLY, to rectify this sink situation?

Ugh. Why can't anything ever just be simple? And I really wish I had researched beforehand how this is supposed to be done. Mea culpa...

Thanks in advance!!

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I promise you your sink is coming down as mounted. I recommend the installation of a Hercules Universal Sink Harness available at Braxton Bragg. Undermounted sinks must be mechanically fastened; silicone and/or adhesives is not enough.

I have reinstalled at least 20 sinks for this reason. Hopefully, you haven't paid in full yet.

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Thanks Trebruchet. You mentioned that you have "reinstalled at least 20 sinks for this reason". Out of curiosity - what is your profession? Are you a fabricator?

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My undermount Blanco sink 'sunk' 11 months after install. I was told my installer didn't see it happen often, but that the few times they had it was that the special adhesive does not stick perfectly to the ultra smooth polished surface of these sinks (told the issue was Blanco specific, I'm not sure if that was just a line or not). Anyway, fabricator (in my case it was Cambria) came out on a long weekend and rigged up the following.. Been 1.5 years now with no issues.

Like you, I wish I'd thought/known before hand. But there is an aftermarket fix, whether it's the one listed by the above poster or this one:

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"Thanks Trebruchet. You mentioned that you have "reinstalled at least 20 sinks for this reason". Out of curiosity - what is your profession? Are you a fabricator?"

I am a Certified Corian Fabricator/Installer and a Certified Zodiaq Installer, but I sold that business over a decade ago. I do surface restoration work these days, solid surface and stone mostly.

I have had to install over 20 HUSHs because in their greed to get a low price on granite, homeowners went with a fabricator who wasn't charging them enough to make any money. Now they have to pay me to reinstall their sink because the guy who installed it is out of business.

They weren't sold the more time consuming and therefore more expensive radiused edge at the sink cut out either, which keeps me busy filling chips and reprofiling the edge too.

That is the Hercules Universal Sink Harness pictured above. My method of installation is better than those in the instructions. If anyone is interested, let me know.

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Treb, can you post your method of installation? I would love to see it. thank you!

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My fabricator didn't know about the HUSH. Having learned about it here, I bought it and had him used it. He was impressed with it and SAYS he'll use them in the future. I'm waiting for someone I know to use him so I can see if he does (or mentions it) without someone else suggesting it.

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