decisions...Whitehaven sink and Zodiaq Countertop

donaleenNovember 9, 2012

Finally bit the bullet and ordered my Whitehaven tall apron 36" sink from FaucetDirect. It seems weird to get a sink on line but I guess on line is the way it is. To my surprise, Kohler has become difficult to find in local stores. It seems that Kohler has some rules that are keeping local businesses from carrying Kohler. I've always thought of Kohler as easily available everywhere. I guess the times, they are a changing.

I also made the decision and put down a deposit for a Zodiaq Wintergreen countertop for my sink area. I didn't want the island and the perimeter counters to be the same. I want the sink counter to be really easy care. I have a big Zodiaq sample and I've been paying close attention to how it looks with my granite in all sorts of light. It looks great with the sample. I hope the granite also looks great with what will be a much larger expanse of the Zodiaq...

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I was able to see the Kohler Whitehaven at a local plumbing supply wholesaler. The purchase was made through my plumber. I am very happy with the 30" tall apron sink. It really is a "show piece" in the kitchen. Newcomers walk over to it and run their hands along the edge, then they stand in front of it and put their hands in the bowl and turn and look at us with smiles. We laugh at how everyone responds/reacts.

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I did get to see the Whitehaven at a Fergusons, which is why I tried to work with them on a sink. But, as discussed in another recent thread, that wasn't good.

DH started cutting up plywood today for our sink wall cabinets. Pretty excited to see them started...

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I meant to upload a photo with my post. That's my Zodiaq sample on my granite countertop. The Zodiaq will be across the aisle from the granite.

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Guess what this means... he's starting work on the sink base cabinet. And this is the first time I've gotten this close to my very own Whitehaven.

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