semi-professional pull down faucet

Lorenza5064November 27, 2012

AND to outfit the perfect sink as visualized in my most recent post, I am looking for the ideal semi-professional pull down faucet. I have considered the Grohe K7 (26 1/2") and the Blanco Meridian 440557 and the Blanco Culina 441332 (22"). They seem to have good reviews. If all things are equal I would prefer a lower profile faucet. Any insights?

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Subbing...I too am interested in these!

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I bought the Blanco Culina 441332 a few months ago. The two main features that drew me to this model were the magnetic spray holder and the "closed loop" design that IMO looks sleeker and cleaner than the other open coil models.

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AND, do you love it? Is it capable of flexing enough to easily clean the corners of your sink? An old time vegetable spray will access either basin of a double sink with ease. Does the spray feature "lock on" so that you needn't apply continual pressure for the spray to function? Lovely kitchen!

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I'm satisfied with the Blanco Culina so far. It has just enough flexibility to clean the corners of our 30" farmhouse sink. IMO, I don't think any of these coily faucets have as much flexibility as the traditional sprays, but, then again, our new sink is much larger. This spray does have a lock-on feature. And like I said, the magnetic feature comes in handy and is pretty strong, so you're able to lock it in the holder easily without having to do too much hunting.

Check-out youtube for some videos/demos. Better yet, find a dealer and play with each of these. I didn't know the Blanco Culina existed until I happened past it in a kitchen design store.

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I have a Mirabelle Presidio. As mentioned, the reach is sufficient, but does not have the reach of a traditional pull-down style faucet. Also, it is taller (20+ inches IIRC), but I wanted something with presence:

And at around $400 retail, it was a nice affordable option.

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pektel Are you still loving your Mirabelle?

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