Going to buy a Miele Dishwasher today...

kathecNovember 14, 2012

I'm going to order online. I know what I want ~mostly~. I don't want to deal with a sales person who is either going to try to convince me to buy the most expensive or which ever brand they are pushing that week.

I'm trying to decide between the Crystal Series and Dimension Series that requires a custom panel. Basically the 2nd or 3rd tier.

I wanted this brand for the built in water softener - which is only available in the Crystal and up. The number of cycles doesn't matter, I rarely use anything but the Normal or Pots & Pans cycles. I want quiet, but it's not a major thing. We currently have a Whirlpool Quiet Partner II that came with our house. It isn't all that quiet, so any upgraded brand will be better.

I compared the different models online and the differences are:

Crystal has a digital control pad, the Dimension has a touchpad

Crystal does not have have an electronic display, the Dimension does

Crystal has Q2 accoustics ~ 50db and Dimension has Q3 ~44-45

**Note the DB levels were found on Gardenweb and were regarding their previous models. Not totally sure these are current or accurate. Either way, the Dimension is the quieter of the two.

The cost difference is roughly $300 more for the Dimension. Are these additional bells and whistles like an electronic display worth the extra $300? Is there a huge difference between 50 and 44?

Does any one have either of these models? Why did you pick yours over the others?

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I know nothing about the dishwasher because I am buying a dish drawer dishwasher. However, I wanted to share with you my experience: when I went into a couple of local appliances stores with the exact item I wanted to purchase, nobody tried to up-sale me anything. Everyone I dealt with respected my choice.

The best part was: with the speculation going on that you may receive a tax bill years down the road for items you purchased online today, I was happy that my local store can lower the price so that my after tax cost will be just a little higher (

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I am pretty sure that the dimension has the 3D cutlery tray which I think is a big deal. It lets you put ladles and larger cutlery on top. I almost got the Dimension but at the last minute upgraded to the Diamond because I wanted the auto open and lights I remember though that the Dimension had all the good stuff (at least in my opinion) other than those two features. Definitely worth the difference for you I think

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I have an older Miele dishwasher (3 years old) with the top cutlery tray. I didn't go for 'all the bells and whistles', just wanted something that would be quiet and do a good job washing my dishes. Mine is not the lowest level, but the one up and I am completely pleased. It does a fabulous job on the dishes and I can actually watch tv or carry on a normal conversation in the same room while it runs. I actually can't even tell it is running until the very end when there is a slight noise indicating that it is draining for the final time. My sisters both have older models of the Miele and no service calls - just a great dishwasher. They are well worth the money. I think whichever one you decide on, you will be pleased.

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