Meramec Kitchens and Floors?

ErinHKNovember 9, 2011

Has anyone recently ordered kitchen cabinets from Meramec Kitchens and Floors, or has otherwise dealt with this company? There are some old threads that date from 2008, but I have not seen anything recently. I would love to hear some recent experiences -- to confirm their existence for starters, and also to get a sense of how they do business. We are looking to order Starmark cabinets -- and they offer them at 70% of retail. But, we don't want to send a check into the ether. Website: Thanks!!!!

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I have not, but have been communicating with them this last week about getting updated pricing. They have been responsive, but no I have not ordered from them.

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I have not yet either. I have found them not the most responsive -- but somewhat. Have you ordered yet? Thanks.

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I've been corresponding with Dan from Meramec/mkfusa for the past week, and he's been very responsive so far. I plan to order sample doors, and if I like them I do expect to order from Meramec. I really like the quality/appearance of the StarMark cabinetry, and the price looks amazing. Will follow up if all goes to plan. I wouldn't have had the courage to order online cabinetry without gardenweb reviews (few, but generally very positive)!

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Good luck fouramblues. We went and saw Starmark at a showroom. I thought they looked fine, but my husband was a little concerned about the strength of the drawer bottoms. The door fronts look great and good quality. I wonder why Meramec has been less responsive to you mind passing along the contact info you have? I just went through the e-mail address on their site. Maybe there is a better way. The price is so right, I hope it works out. Thanks!!

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I spoke too soon about Meramec, erinhk. I do plan to order Starmark cabinetry from them, but the process is slow, since response time has gotten long. (I've just been using the email address on their site, too.) FYI, I have a large kitchen and was quoted ~$22K by a KD for Starmark. I have immersed myself in the Starmark catalog, and think I have close to the same components the KD included (hard to tell, since KD understandably wouldn't give me a line item breakdown), and the quote is just over $18K from Meramec. So a $4K savings, which isn't bad! One thing to note: Meramec might drop credit card as a payment option (3% fee for credit card transactions) by end of year. PayPal makes me nervous, as you must open a dispute within 45 days of initial transaction to be eligible for buyer protection.

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fouramblues did you decide to go with Meramec for your cabinets? I have been trying to get a quote from them but have received no response. All emails I send are returned to me because their mailbox is full and I haven't received any return phone calls. Should I forgo the discount and move onto a local company?

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