Cabinetry heights

skind49November 16, 2013

I'm stuck on what to do here. This photo shows my hood location with the template and the adjacent bank of high windows (cabinets will go underneath the windows).. The hood will go to the ceiling. Would it be more visually appealing to keep all the cabinets the same height? Or should I go to the ceiling with the cabinets flanking the hood, using glass doors on only the soffit height part of the upper? If I were to go to the ceiling with them, what do I do in the corner? I will have 4" crown molding on top of the cabinets. Splitting the corner cabinetry height presents a a crown molding issue, I believe. The cabinets will be stained and the hood will be painted off white. The window trim will be off white also. My ceilings are 8' 5". There will be a peninsula with pendant lights. It's a smallish kitchen with a 3' x 4' island. There is a lot going on here and I don't want to over do it or be out of balance. Any advice or opinions will be appreciated.

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How far away from the corner is the left edge of the first window?

I don't think having the cabinets run along the wall up to the ceiling would be an issue. What did you plan to do in the corner? Reach over? I've seen people use the last 15" of width to create cookbook space, ie leave open shelves rather than closed cupboards, then you wouldn't have a door opening into the window...though reaching over into the corner could be a stretch. If you have enough space, you could put a corner cupboard, I find they are the most efficient space users, you can put lazy susans, turntables in there to improve access, and it's nice sometimes to have space for oversized items that wouldn't fit into a normal 12" deep upper. Your crown molding would just end with the cupboard, as you already have molding over the windows.

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Sophie Wheeler

It's a VERY contemporary space. I think that simply doing a wall of cabinets to the ceiling on the range wall that deadhead into the sink wall would suit it well. No crown molding. Maybe a shadow line instead. For the sink wall, maybe a few floating shelves, and that's it.

Anything else more traditional is going to require removing those windows and probably altering a good deal of the rest of the house. That's not a direction that the house is dictating though.

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Thank you for your input. @raehelen..I'm doing 13" deep cabinets and was figuring on a square corner arrangement with the doors opening in the center. (no appliance garage.) There is almost 30" from the window to the other wall. @hollysprings... Style-wise my house built 20 years ago with many elements of country and shaker. I haven't been able to define it, but I never thought of my house as contemporary. It never occured to me to leave crown molding off the upper rim of the cabinets. I figured if the hood has it, so should the cabinets. I'm almost to pull the trigger on full overlay, raised panel doors and flat panel drawers. Pull choice is a Federal style. I figured the crown was in keeping with that. Also, I need cabinetry under those windows for adequate storage. I'll be rethinking now! I appreciate your suggestions.

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You can have cabinets of differing heights and still use crown. You can see that in our kitchen reveal below. Our taller cabinets were deeper than the other uppers so the crown would terminate into the side of the taller cabinet. The corner cabinet had to be 27" deep instead of 24" deep to make this work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Journey's End - Final Reveal

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Thanks, gpraceman. Your whole kitchen turned out brilliantly! Congratulations. I opted not to do an angled corner cabinet, but rather a squared version. I can't picture bumping out only the corner in my arrangement.
After speaking with my decorator and cabinetry guy, (neither of whom are ever terribly committed to one idea or another), the consensus is that just having the two cabinets that flank the hood go to the ceiling would be fine. The corner and remaining cabinets would be at standard height. I worked up a 3D to better visualize this, but I'm not so sure. I wonder if keeping ALL the cabinets the same height would look best. With my 'pros' not instilling a ton of confidence in me, I thought I'd bounce it off you all. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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I like the upper cabinets a lot in your drawing. I just realized I have a similar arrangement in my kitchen! The only cabinets that go to ceiling flank the hood which also goes to the ceiling. All the other cabs are lower. I especially like the glass in the uppers as they mimic the windows on the right.

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Have you considered taking the cabinets to the ceiling over the windows? It would require custom work to remove the backs where the windows are.This allows for full height cabinets and still lets the light into the room. That space, in front of the window, could either be left open or have framed glass insert. It takes your eyes up and could be used as display for interesting or colorful pieces up there. I don't personally like the wall cabinets below the windows. It does not look like there is room for a 4" crown but there are other ways to finish off the ceiling. I have seen this done and it is dramatic.

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Cabman has a neat idea with making the windows part of the cabinets and keeping them all the same height. That could be really unique!

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@SkindyLu - I don't see how the crown molding will work with that rendition, going from the corner cabinet to the taller cabinet. Seems the end will just stick out into the air.

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You guys are so helpful! I also love your ideas cabman. My daughter presented this idea to me but I just didn't see it. Your ideas and photos, rtwilliams, were perfect in visualizing how this all could look for me, as well. (Kind of makes me wish I'd gone with painted cabinets!) My cabinet maker told me that doing it the way I have it in my drawing will have 4" crown around the hood and uppers if they bump those cabinets out to 15" depth. The remaining standard height cabinets would have 3" crown. The photos helped me see that also. I only have one regular window over the sink and wonder how encasing that high middle window would work. Maybe make the window look to boxed in? I'm out of town now, but can try and post another angle of the drawing to better show this in a few days.

If for whatever reason, going high with all the cabinets like cabman suggests doesn't fly, what is option two? Two high and the rest standard or all standard height, letting the hood be the height to the ceiling?

I really appreciate the opinions and the time you take to respond.

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If you have not ordered the cabinets yet why can't you do white?

With the white window frame you have it would look nice and cohesive to use white cabinets and maybe a dark hood and island.

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