1" Thick solid wood cabinets

kitchendetectiveNovember 11, 2012

Please settle a bet for me. What cabinet makers can you name who make 1" thick, solid wood cabinets. Can be small, private custom cabinet makers or well-known manufacturers. Thank you so much, in advance.

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So long as you are talking about 1" thick solid wood frames and doors- with plywood sides. (If you are looking for solid wood sides they would have to be rail and stile so only on exposed ends) then:
I know that Quality Custom Cabinetry (since I sell them) does and just made that standard at no upcharge. I also sell Kropp Woodworking which does (often marketed as a private label brand by dealers).
I know Christiana and Craftmaid (with a "C" not a "K") will. I'd expect Rutt would.
I would think that there are many other choices out there. I'd bet Mountaineer would if I asked, Crystal might. There have to be at least half a dozen more.

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Dynasty/Omega has some door styles that are 1" thick.

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Most local custom cabinetmakers do.
Architectural work can be even thicker.

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I forgot to add: It's really a waste of resources to do that. Yes, it provides a more solid "thunk" when you close the doors, but it doesn't make the cabinets last any longer or perform any better. It's a snob appeal thing.

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Yeah, in most cases- had an architect speck 2" white oak rails and stiles once- lord knows why.
QCCI offers a 1" frame where the door is set back and an extra profile is added to the inside edge of the frame. It can be lovely as an accent or for a furniture piece,not the kind of thing I see often in a complete kitchen.
There are a few doors that are nicer in 1", they recently added a door style with a 5/8" wide cove edge profile, love on the 1" door, not so much on the 3/4" there are a few others where it matters for looks- frames no big deal.
Say LWO how's the new digs going?- iamatquickatmcaniffdotcom

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