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5yearslaterNovember 22, 2012

Do I need open toe kicks? KD says yes in working areas. I notice many of my favorite GW kitchens have decorative molding at the bottom of the cabinets. Does this interfere with you standing at the cabinet and working? It does give a nice furniture feel which I like very much.

Would it not allow for toe kick drawers? What are the other disadvantages / advantages of each approach?

I searched for this discussion because it probably isn't new, but didn't come up with much.

Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!

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Sophie Wheeler

How big are your feet? How far away from the counter does your stomach push you?

You may laugh, but those aspects do factor into whether or not you are comfortable with a flush toe area vs. a recessed one.

Do an experiment and block off the ones in your current kitchen and see if you constantly stub your toe against the blockage.

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Ha! I have definitely never seen those considerations. Thankfully at this point I am not pushed far out by my stomach, and I my feet are size 8, so average I guess. I will try to block off the toe area I have now and see how it goes. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hi 5yearslater, everything in my kitchen is finished on the bottom, i did not want it left not doesn't bother me at all. I left my sink open with decorative feet, becasue I figured I spend alot of time there, and also i wanted to break it up, so my fridg,pantry and sink have the open decorative feet, others have base molding like in the picture. It felt undone to me otherwise, hope this helps!

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Yes, yours is one I have admired that does not have toe kicks. I am concerned that my boys (2 plus husband are bigger than me already and a third on his way there) will be rough walkers and bump into the floor molding and scuff it quickly. Maybe toe kicks on my kitchen side with decorative feet at certain cabinets, and molding on my living side would be an ok compromise.

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