Which range hood style looks better? Any other ideas?

deedlesNovember 9, 2013

I'm down to the last minute and still trying to choose between two styles of range hood enclosure.

Already have the Tradewind insert (kudos to Trailrunner for the tip) so just the outside is in question.

9ft ceilings. Space between the openings is 40" + the 3 1/2" trim.

I could use the storage in the cabinet style even though it would have the pipe up the middle... every inch counts in my little kitchen.

But, is it too much, too imposing, too heavy looking up there or no? I don't want to detract from my nifty feature tile behind the stove.

Sorry for the cartoon images.

Here is the wall in question:

Here are the two choices that I can think of

(anyone have a different idea?)

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions for something completely different? Thanks!

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As much as you can use the storage, I think the cabinet's just too imposing.
The first option is visually more pleasing.

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No cabinet. Too heavy visually.

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I think the T-shape may be too contemporary though.

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Okay. No cabinet and the T shape is too contemporary. I don't disagree with either of those thoughts.

now what?

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I like the first one! It will look great with the tile :)

Are there other choices? What is the finish? Wood or metal with the first one?

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It was going to be wood. Now I'm wondering if I should try to work some of the back splash tile into it?

It seems that I'm getting decision fatigue.

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deedles-what about something like what circuspeanut did with her tiled hood?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Have you considered other shapes like a barrel or dome?

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leela: I love peanut's hood. I just afraid with all the 'clowns' that I already have in this kitchen that it might be too much. But yeah, it would be neat. Maybe some combination of wood and tile since we're working the rustic angle? Worth thinking about, thank you.

sayde: I did consider one of those a while back... I think they'd be out of our budget at this point, though. I love your copper hood, so graceful.

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I think the hood would be a great place to continue your gently Craftsman/Arts and Crafts look. I agree with no cabinet, way too heavy, and the modern metal seems like a lost opportunity on display.

Craftsman showcased structural materials and the structure, and hand craftsmanship, right? So
Earthy tile that you already know where to look for would further the look. Like circuspeanut's.

A warm metal with a hand crafted, naturally aged look.

You could have stripping added to a standard unit, and even hand hammer it if you wished.

Wood of course, showing itself off, but much lighter scale as it rises than a cabinet would be.

It could have plaster/wallboard for the upper part, with wood, metal, or tile below

Extremely heavy, but it shows the wall material continued across the top of the hood.

Sorry for the decision fatigue, but I think this particular decision needs you to whomp up a bit more of that great creative enthusiasm. :)

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Thanks to rosie's second photo, that's what came to my mind as a perfect hood for your space, but couldn't describe or find an image...

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Number one looks great. I don't think the hood is too contemporary, at all. To me, it just looks simple and utilitarian, which is ideal for your space considering the other stuff going on. Clowns, as you said. How many times have we all referenced those clowns?!!

The light fixtures over the pass-through openings are going to be a very prominent and important element in the design. Are the ones you have drawn in the actual style, or just design place-holders?

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I vote for something like the first choice. I think the hood should take a backstage to the view and the tile mural, and don't forget The Big Girl (isn't that what you call her? lol). She doesn't need a big Carmen Miranda hat.

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I REALLY like Rosie's first two copper hoods. But they are commanding in their own right and maybe you don't need that. I do think the T-hood is more contemporary looking than your kitchen vibe, but it's also utilitarian enough to escape notice.

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Another option...

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Of the two options you posted, keep it simple, #1.

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Rosie: thank you for those pics, all beautiful...a simple one like the two that you showed might be good. Not sure how to get a copper hood out of our budget now, though. Copper paint?

Thank you everyone for taking the time to help me with this. Absolutely agree with everyone that the cabinet over head is too heavy. Pretty much ruled that out now.

I think what is bothering me about the first one is that it's not graceful... very angular and between the rectangular pass throughs it just seems like it's too 'stick-ey', too many strong verticals or something.

Shainghaimom: this is all your fault with the awesome pass through idea! J/K, I love the pass throughs (how does one make that into a plural without an apostrophe?) but they do present some challenges. Yours are deep enough that you could put a light up into them, right or no, you had the lights under the cabs that are over the pass throughs... that's it. In my kitchen the light had to be mounted on the wall over them and because of the header required, they are a bit higher than I'd like but it's done now. I may have made an error in my choice of lighting overall in this kitchen. Not a disaster but may have to have a separate thread for that one....

Gina and all who say "keep it simple". Agreed and I like the hood you posted Gina. I wonder how it would look hanging on it's own without the cabinets flanking it?

Okay, here is the second pic that rosie posted and ctycdm likes... I like it, too. It seems the curves kind of soften the angular-ness of that wall AND echo the curves on big girl... that stove doesn't have one hard corner... all rounded.

Seriously doubt that a copper hood is in the budget at all right now. What about a style like this but made out of something else and painted a copper color? Maybe with a touch of tile on the fascia board... like just a little?

How would one go about making that curved one out of.. what? Drywall or plywood or what would one use other than expensive metal?

Trying to whomp it up!

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Why don't you just do a plain box painted to match the range exactly?

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Deedles, my time in hood hell (ok, ok, that is overstating...but purgatory for sure!) is recent enough that I still feel residual angst about the process, but not the result.
Houzz was super helpful, I made a whole idea book for the hood choice and spent a lot of time trying to see what worked and why. I explored copper, contrasting wood, and giving the hood empty space on either side. Ultimately, I went back to my original plan for the hood not to be a focal point.
Can you get a cabinet hood in the style posted by Gina, perhaps with tapered sides like these, with wood that matches your cabinets?

Traditional Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Aidan Design

Contemporary Kitchen by Birmingham General Contractors Structures, Inc.
I think this lovely copper hood works in this kitchen, but you have a lot more going on with big girl and your fabulous tile.

Traditional Kitchen by Merritt Kitchen & Bath Designers Mill Creek Mfg ltd
I love this one, and I think it could be paint, but that it could be too much given the other gorgeous elements you are using.

Contemporary Kitchen by Alexandria Architects & Designers Moore Architects, PC

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Something along the lines of this:

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Or this, shape-wise and color matched to range.

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kksmama: I like that last one, too. The angled sides appeal to me more than straight up and down sides. This kitchen and specifically the side of that range hood will be completely visible from the living room which is why the thought of a "box" up there with flat sides seems clumsy. This angled one is a nice compromise between completely flat and expensively curved.

thank you for that pic... I'm going to try to search out some more examples of that one.

ineffablespace: I love those big chill items and sent for color samples of their mint green... almost a match to my stove but not quite. If this kitchen hadn't taken a decided turn to rustic/artsy-craftsy/woodsy, those hoods would have definitely been on the short list. Thank you for the input, I do appreciate the time that everyone takes trying to help with this.

What would I do without GW to turn to? Someone should make a country song out of that sentence.

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I agree that your first option does look too modern and angular. I think the one in your last sample board does not look right with your range either, in style or shape.

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If I were you, and I was at one time, I'd plan on getting just what I want, and save money, by bypassing the kitchen industry to go custom with the guys working on your house anyway. They can frame up just the size and shape you want (you tell the carpenter, he puts it together. Perhaps covers it too depending on what you want. You could also save money by using expensive materials only on the lower portion.

You're obviously right on keeping it pretty simple, and curved lines work better than I realized, not having the stove image in mind. A couple of people have suggested a convex curve, which seems like it would go really well too, especially as it's a rather "old-fashioned" look in sympathy with your stove.

In any case, the reason I pasted those two with plaster tops is that that would be a means of adding in the richness of decorative trim without clutter, keeping the finish of the wall flowing uninterrupted (if you wished). When you look at that wall, you're going to see not only what's in front of it but all the detail of your living room and view beyond. It'd also allow more money for more expensive trim materials (have you considered bronze too?)

Whatever material(s) you use, though, by designing it yourself the upper portion could step back and in from the sides (I did this, creating a flat shelf), slant back, have a recessed panel or panels on whatever surfaces you wanted, curve out or in on front and/or sides, etc., to echo the stove curves, echo the tile shape or design, add mass, take it away, etc., etc. You could also echo some detail in the living room, ceiling, whatever, to pull it all together.

So, my suggestion is that you starting by deciding on the shape and size you want up there first. Draw various designs until you find something that really looks good to you, and then start considering how to dress it.

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yes Rosie, it may be time to start taping up some cardboard boxes. I don't want to screw this up. thank you for all the time your taking with this!

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What rosie suggests is a great idea. I went as far as building a couple different 1/8" plywood scale size mock ups and hung them from the ceiling for a few days to get the right size, shape, and height above the range before committing to an expensive custom hood.

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I meant pretty much the same thing, site built and matched to the actual color of the range rather than something completely different.

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Your range and custom backsplash are so beautiful, I'd really make an attempt to quietly draw the eye there with some clean lines on a hood that blends, and doesn't detract from the your focal point. I think a copper hood with banding, etc, might verge on gilding the lily - you've already have two wonderfully complementary elements for a focal point. If it were me I really wouldn't want the third to draw "wow, look at that spectacular hood" comments on it's own, but to quietly complement what you've already put together so well. I like the simple one - I think it was the second pic - that kksmama posted. Maybe something in wood or framed out and painted the same as your wall color or a slightly lighter shade of your range color with a single horizontal band, trim or plate shelf painted or stained to tie it in with the backsplash? Just my two cents. Good luck! I love what you have so far.

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Okay, up at 4am and here is my 'slept on it' range hood idea.

Just modified the upside down 'T' hood in my first image to be a wider face with a heavily rounded top edge... sort of echoing the rounded-ness of the top of the stove back splash.

The stove backsplash is about 16" high, so I figure maybe 2/3's of that for the height of the hood box... 10-ish inches tall or so.

Thought there could be two simple trim strips going around the bottom part and I could have just a touch of the backsplash tile sandwiched in between. The dark strips on either side of the chimney are my attempt to portray shadow-lines. (I know, I won't quit my day job)

Also identified part of the problem with that stove space: the trim around the openings was right smack next to the stove and it seems better to narrow up each opening just a couple inches so a little bit of the dark back splash behind the stove is visible and so the edges of the hood aren't touching the trim, either. A bit of breathing room, so to speak.

Okay rosie, I whomped it up and this is what I came up with.


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Love the shape! I still think the color of your hood should blend into the background and be as non-attention seeking as possible but I'm undoubtedly biased by my own kitchen. I just really want to stare at that beautiful range and the tile above it, and not be distracted by the backsplash tile or anything else (except the view out the windows).

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He is a pic of my chambers with a 36" vent a hood Excalibur I bought several years ago. The chambers was just put in last month...and I love it already!

This post was edited by tamileeb on Mon, Nov 11, 13 at 10:59

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Oh my, that looks awesome! Did you post a reveal? I missed it if so. What a beautiful kitchen! And look at your big (white) girl sitting there all pretty and stuff.

Are the cloisonne knobs orange or red? Or yellow even?

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Deedles- I like everything about your last picture....except the tile on the hood. I think it looks too matchy-matchy (is that a term?) with your backsplash. The rest of the kitchen feels so eclectic and unique...I would do all wood, or maybe a stainless steel or copper band, where you have the tile.

Don't get burned out...because your kitchen is going to be unbelievably beautiful, when you're done :)

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kksmama: So, like painted in the wall color, is that what you mean? Okay, just darkened the wall color a touch and I think you might be on to something. I still like the wood trim with a teeny stripe of the tile... kind of a pretty cap for the feature tile area.


Lav, I read your post before I got this one done. Now what about the tile staying if the hood was painted? Here is the other thing... the matchy part. I'm thinking I could do away with the 6" back splash tile under those openings and either have all wood or run the counter top stuff back there. Does this help minimize some visual clutter?

almost seems the 6" counter material kind of leads the eye to the stove?

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Thank you, deedles. No I haven't done a reveal yet. Still waiting on a light fixture, so probably will do this in a couple of weeks. I love the colorful chambers, but stayed with white because of the vent hood! The dials are red.

I love the shape of the hood in the last pic. It looks awesome.

Have you cooked on a chambers before? I had not until the remodel was done last month. Just love it...so efficient, and fun to cook on. Biscuits in thermowell turned out great!

This post was edited by tamileeb on Mon, Nov 11, 13 at 11:38

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tamileeb: I've had mine for about 3 years now and I do like cooking on it. The only thing I didn't like was how those daisy burners concentrated the heat in the center of the pan, but I got a 20$ cast iron enameled heat diffuser ring from Amazon and that solved the problem.

If you do a turkey for Thanksgiving, you should try it with the gas turned off. Preheat @ 500 for 20 mins, then turkey in and leave the gas on for about 15 more minutes (going from memory here) shut it down and let 'er go. I think I had to re-fire it after 3 hrs for about 10 minutes or so but I figure I cooked a 20# turkey with about 45 minutes of gas. Pretty amazing stuff.

I'm liking the shape of that last hood, too. Think it's getting close!

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Yes, Deedles, I really like that second picture with the counter as backsplash. Visual clutter (especially vertically, competing with both big girl and the tile) was exactly my concern.

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You're right! I like the picture with the dark backsplash...it does bring your eye to the stove and the tile. Nice :)

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deedles, I like the second pic (above) with the darker backsplash. I also love love tami's hood. Would you consider something like that, if you could get a color match.

What are those strips of 4 things above the two openings?

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Oh good, it's on the right track judging from the comments. Yay!

haha linelle, those are supposed to be my lights over the pass-throughs. I don't know if that style of range hood speaks to me in this kitchen for some reason. I love tamileebs but she has cabs above it and I don't so them I'm back to the stove pipe situation. AND, what if my big girl goes irretrievably to pot someday and then I've this expensive green range hood? Not sure I want to get that item specific with the $$ involved.

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Big Girl will NOT go to pot. :)

I do get what you mean though about being stuck with an expensive green hood. In that case, my vote goes to the pic on the right of the last mockup you posted.

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hi deedles,
didn't you do a kitchen once before? or maybe it wasn't you.

All I'm going to say here is this:
that beautiful range needs to have some quiet around it so it can sing properly.

There are too many details. I would place it on a stark canvas.

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detroit: I'm trying to edit down, but what else can I take out from the last picture?

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What is the tile around the pretty tile? Could the hood be the same color? I think you need some consultation with the cabinet maker and/or a metal shop re the design/cost of the hood. In general, I think designs can be "edited down" by reducing/repeating colors, finishes, materials, shapes. They can be amped up with contrasting those things. How to get in the sweet spot between bland and busy would be a good thread.

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