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nickp41November 7, 2013

Long time reader, first time poster. We have learned a ton through the process of renovating our kitchen from you all and we can finally see the end is near. We just need to select our countertop, back splash, and paint color for the dining room. Attached is a copy of tentatively selected countertop (naicia quartzite). I will also post a couple additional photos of our kitchen. Your feedback is appreciated.

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whole slab

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progress photo from a week ago

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Your cabinets give off a grey undertone. Is that just the picture? The counter looks nice. What about a griege for the walls that will complement your cabinet color?

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Depending on the light, the cabinets can have a blue or grey tone. We were going for grey and got something in between the two.

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First, I love your cabinets! They are lovely.

My concern would be that, because the cabs and counter are both the same shade (medium-light), their undertones compete. The cabinets appear cooler, while the counter has warmer undertones.

Will your window trim be wood-toned? If so, your floors and trim will be warm, and assuming you choose a backsplash that complements the counter, you may end up with a room full of warm tones--except for the major element, which are the cabinets.

Congratulations on nearing the finish line. Enjoy it!

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In regards to the window trim, we are planning on just taking the bs tile to the jam extension and not having additional window trim. We have not decide how to finish paint/stain the window wood and jam extensions.

Since we have similar tones and competing undertones, should we change the countertop?

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I agree with Peony. The slab is beautiful & does appear to have some grey tones. If it reads more grey & cool IRL, I think it would work. If it reads more beige/tan and warm, then I would worry about your wood floor making it appear even more beige. I love your cabinet color. A cooler or more contrasting stone might compliment your cabinets better.

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The quartzite is beautiful. I don't think I've seen that name before. But, it does read as warm, while you definitely get that blue shining through on the cabinets. Have you looked at White Macaubus quartzite?

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Yes we also looked at White Macaubus. We decided between the two quartzites and liked the naica a little more. Now we are starting to second guess that decision. urg

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I really like the two together, I don't see any reason why you can't do the warmer counter with the cooler cab color. do you have a sample of the quartzite to take a picture in the kitchen?

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Your slab ll Perla Madre, which I think is beautiful. Romy is using Encore's silver crackle, and I may use that or Peridot. Others have a gray/blue undertone. The BS is "cool" but interesting, and could tie everything together (IMHO).

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I'm looking at both perla venata (looks almost exactly like your picture) and white macaubus quartzite as well. Like you, I'm leaning toward the warmer counter, but I have cherry stained QS oak cabs. I think either would like nice with your cabinets, but I have to say that I think the macaubus would lend a calm clean feeling and really make the cabinet color pop. You have the best read on the colors though, seeing them in person, so go with your gut.
Please post pictures of the finished project! Good luck.

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Love, love, love that slab. Your kitchen looks great so far!
I don't mind mixing cool and warm colors, but i'm looking at your floor which looks like a warm neutral. Am i seeing blue in the slab too or just grey? it's hard to tell on my monitor. Anyway, i'm thinking if you want a "cool" kitchen, then use a cool color for walls and BS with that quartzite. If you don't mind mixing, then pull out the warm tone from the counter to compliment the floors. I think Bookworm's suggestion of looking at Romy's silver crackle BS is a great idea!

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If you loved the stone & it looked great with your cabinet sample, go with your gut, as wrenny said. It is so hard to capture the true color & what you love about a piece of stone in a photo. When I chose my slabs, I took pics & then tortured myself with those photos. I was sure I was going to be disappointed (based on the photos). They were installed & I love them.
That slab is beautiful. Not trying to talk you into it, but not trying to talk you out of it either.

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