Help needed for open shelves or not

arch123November 7, 2013

Need help with replacing the upper cabinets with open shelves. Stainless or wood? 2 or 3 per side? Considering having the lower shelf going across the windows to accommodate satellite radio and plants. We plan to replace lower cabs and countertops in the future. Any thoughts?

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I would go stainless to tie in with your oven/hood. Would do 3, but not in front of the window. Would instead have 'L' shaped shelves that run along the two walls touching the wall with the windows. Good luck...

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I would do wood trimmed in stainless LOL. Just put the stainless on the edges like edgebanding.

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That would look really nice! :)

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I like the idea of steel shelves. Think they would look great along the wall with your hood/range. The only issue I see is the wall length difference on sides of window. An L as mentioned could adjust for this.

Someone in our forum used Ikea shelves. They were an easy install and inexpensive. Actually looked high end in their kitchen. I checked them out as I couldn't see how the steel was finished on the corners. They are a foil wrapped wood which is why the easy install and lower cost. Not sure how they look IRL.

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You might split the difference, going with stainless steel brackets and wood shelves. These aren't too expensive:
Aside from Ikea, restaurant supply shelves can be pretty cheap. I can vouch for the cheapness of the below. If they ship damaged, they replace with a photo, no questions asked. You won't be able to wrap around a corner with these, or perhaps any stainless without going custom.

Here is a link that might be useful: inexpensive shelves

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It depends. You say that you are going to be replacing the lower cabinets and counters in the future as well. What are you replacing them with? What is your future vision for the kitchen.

For me, wood be a little more traditional while stainless steel is more contemporary. So, it really depends on the look you want.

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Thanks for all the great advise!
Lopay - what a beautiful kitchen - looking forward to seeing it finished.
blfenton - you are right - need to decide which direction I want to go - at this point all I know is that it will be a lighter wood (white oak or maple)

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