Wooden counter advice needed please

threeapplesNovember 26, 2012

I am interested in doing a jacuzzi tub deck in a stained wood and thought I'd ask for advice here since I know others on this forum have used wooden counters in their kitchen. Is there a secret to sealing or staining the wood? I don't want it to look like a butcher block counter, but rather more furniture like. Any advice would be great, thanks.

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Something like this (only stained)?

This is finished with a waterlox brand tung oil which is waterproof for years. then you just apply 1 more coat to keep it that way every few years.

I put a link to the way they recommend doing a waterproof finish. Don't know about it being outside. But this will take care of the water issue!

craft art wood countertop finishing instructions - for waterproofing

Here is a link that might be useful: the 2 products they recommend are here (need both the waterlox brand ones)

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Woah. Sorry, I don't know how to make that photo any smaller. I was proud I was able to include the links and make the photo work at all so I will stick with being proud! : )

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Thanks, yes, just like that, but darker. Thank you for the helpful link. I will talk to my carpenter and see how we can do this. :)

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