Butcher Block island top

BrandyChachNovember 9, 2013

We added an ikea butcher block top to an old entertainment center built by my dad to make a kitchen island. Anyway, my question is I treated it with the oil sold at ikea but it's been over a month and if I leave papers on it, the paper soaks up some of the oil..is this normal, did I do something incorrectly? What are my other options to treat or seal the block?

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I sealed mine with Waterlox. You would likely have to order it online, but it's worth it. Awesome stuff. Food safe, soaks into wood to protect and finish with no shiny finish and no oily residue. You have to do multiple coats though, at least 4, but then you're done. No need to touch up. You can check, but I don't think you can use it over oiled wood. I think you would need to sand, clean, then apply.

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I know Waterlox is popular on this site, but I wasn't keen on the high shine it appears to have. I used Rockler's Salad Bowl Finish, which you just rub into the wood (I used Ikea's butcher block too), allow to dry, sand, and re-apply. I did five coats and didn't need to re-apply for 4 years.

I'm surprised the Ikea oil is still 'bleeding' though. You could try a light sanding with very fine wire wool, then wiping with a tack cloth. I wonder whether it needed more time between coats?

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The oil bleeding through papers is totally normal! That's what happens with oil and is why I ended up going with Waterlox Satin. I did like the idea of oiling but we sit at our island and others on the forum who have used oil mentioned issues with papers, etc. That said others love using oil.

Also, you should keep reapplying the oil regularly so I don't think you should be trying to get rid of it as it is something the wood will need. HTH

P.S.- IF you ever wanted to use Waterlox or another finish you 'd have to sand down all the oil first and get rid of all traces of it. (I'm no expert so perhaps with some finishes it's not so much of an issue)

sara the brit- Is the Rockler's an actual oil or a finish? I'd assume if it's an oil it would bleed through on paper, etc.

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I don't think an oil finish remaining oily like that, with paper picking up oil, is normal. Maybe too much oil? I used Osmo oil and my counters (Ikea birch) are not oily at all. Just water-resistant with a very faint sheen. I use plain old mineral oil on my cutting boards, and none of them are oily like that either. I have heard complaints about Ikea's countertop oil product, though, which is one reason why I went with something else. So maybe it's an issue with that.

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I don't think Osmo is just oil. It's more of a finish. Most plain mineral oil may not look oily but if you leave a piece of paper on it you will get dots of oil after a while. My cutting board uses oil or oil waxes and although it doesn't look oily, putting something on it (paper) or anything absorbent will pull the oil out of it.

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I also like Waterlox. Just make sure bleach or anything like OxiClean does not get near it because it will mar the finish. When I used to oil my counters, I would follow up with a paste wax and buff them for a little extra protection. I used Watco Danish Oil to start and then oiled with mineral oil as needed. The Waterlox is easier to keep up.
This kitchen is 37 years old and the counters are still great!

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