Layout help? X-post w/ bathrooms

beaglesdoitbetter1November 28, 2012

This is a bathroom question, but I was hoping some of the layout gurus over here might be willing to offer some advice if they have time :)

We are doing a gut remodel of a bathroom in our FL house, taking down walls. To give me the room for the bathroom, we're also taking out a walk-in closet and I'm replacing w/ a bank of built-ins in the new bathroom. I am having some issues getting the layout right, though, even though the room is going to end up pretty big.

Here is what I am working with so far. Absolutely nothing is set in stone (except the outer dimensions of the room, which will be a 13 x 10 square once all the walls come down in the current space:

Along the wall that is marked as having the toilet room and the hanging storage, etc., I am planning on creating a wall that looks like this:

The last "closet" door on the far wall will actually be the entrance to the toilet room, but it will just look like any other closet door.

So, in the space that remains in the room, I want to fit a clawfoot tub that is 60x30.

I also would like to fit two vanities and a large walk-in shower. I really like the look of something like this for the walk-in shower:

My original plan was to center the tub in the room, but I don't think I have the space...

So, any suggestions for how to make everything fit. The closet wall does not have to stay where it is, it can move. But I do need to have:
1. Closet wall
2. Toilet room
3. Walk-in shower
4. Clawfoot tub
5. Two vanities

There is currently a small window on the wall across from where the closet wall is. It looks out on a little side yard and I can just its size a bit if needed.

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Not a specific answer, but comments.

One, I saw a very similar look to your first inspiration photo in a mag within the last 3 years, and they actually hid a shower in there. It looked great.

Second, you should google Room Planner and d/l it. It can be very helpful for this. Just watch their measurements on the stock images and resize if needed.

Third, most will tell you 3x3 is too small for a w/c, esp in re width.

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Thanks mtnrdredux . I will try the room planner.

The small w/c was one of my concerns with this proposal. If I made one of those doors a shower, I'd have no room for closet space at all, that's the only issue. I don't need a lot of space since we only live here during the winter, but it is the master bedroom and bath so I don't want to make the closet unreasonably small.

What about this as an option

Kind of a take-of on this picture:

The wall of closets would go on the right side. Toilet room in one of the 4 ft boxes and walk-in shower in the other.

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is the entry door in the middle of the lower wall? (of your last diagram)

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Yes the entry door is in the middle of the lower wall. If I need to move that door, I will, but I'd prefer not to because I'm already taking down a heck of a lot of walls in this project.

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