Towels in use - on the counter or on hooks or handles

lalitharNovember 7, 2012

We use cloth dish towels a lot. Usually I have one for prepping, another near the sink for wiping hands, another near the cooktop etc. I am trying to decide if I should do handles for some top drawers for the towels or perhaps hooks or should I continue to leave the in-use towels on the counter..

My cabinets are painted- I am worried that a slightly damp or wiped on towel will cause the paint to wear off If I use a hook or a handle on the top drawers. I am also planning cup pulls for my all-drawer base cabinets. I am OK with using a handle on some of the top drawers to provide a place to hang the towels but want to make sure that I will actually use it.


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If they're in use, they're definitely on the counter for me. I don't have time to be unhooking or undrape-ing.

Rest of the time I usually have one hanging over my white farm sink. I make sure I have pretty towels. : )

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Hi lalitha..

Like you, I am concerned with keeping the cabinet's finish in excellent condition, so I do not drape any damp towels on the cabinet doors.

I like pirula's way of hanging one over the farm sink...That looks nice...but I don't have a farm sink, so I use a towel holder on my counter. I keep it right next to the sink.

I also hang a couple off the handle of my oven...


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Thanks Pirula. I agree it is so convenient.. I don't always get to throwing them int he laundry ASAP. Sometimes if they are damp, I like to get them a bit dry before I banish them to laundry.

Btw.. I ordered my Chandy from the same place your's is from.. The iron smith even sent me a couple of pictures of him working on it.. looking forward to getting it.

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I used to hang my dishtowel on a hook in front of my sink. Over time, the wood grain darkened and it grossed me out. I wouldn't let even a slightly damp clean cloth come into extended contact with a stained or painted wood cabinet.

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This may actually simplify my drawer handle placement as I don't have to add handles to the drawers. I am just wonder if the towels will look messy. Maybe I should think of other ideas to corral the dish towels on the counter. On the other hand, any such solution will also clutter the counter... No good solution it seems..

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I'm seeking a dishwasher with a bar handle for this exact reason.
It's nearly always next to sink, and seems to be a good location to hang a damp towel. No worries about putting it near wood, which I would avoid.

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i never thought about towels ruining the finish. hmmmm, i bought 7" handles for all my top drawers, simply so i could hang towels. i'll have to be careful....

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Hey that's great about the chandelier! I love mine, it's really beautiful, he is a terrific artisan.

Post a pic when you get it okay? I'd love to see!

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And let's not forget the infamous Towel Pig! I'm STILL looking for one. I'm at work and can't link the thread, but you'll find it with a simple search.

Everyone should have a towel pig (or dog or elephant or something). :-)

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This is what I miss about my dishwasher in our previous home that had a full width handle over its white, metal door. Now that we have panel front dishwashers, there is no place for the damp towel. We hang some on the oven, but it's across the room, so we end up with towels everywhere. One of our someday, whenever-the-kitchen-gets-its-finishing-touches things is to have towel bars on one end of the island, which is across from the stove and between both the prep and cleanup sinks. I designed the counter overhang long enough, so hopefully, damp towels won't be touching the painted cabinet sides.

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Debbi Branka

Mine are on the oven door. They could be on the dishwasher door too I suppose, but I've used the oven door for probably 30 years, so that's what I still use.

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I use cloth dish towels only and have them out all day. I hadn't thought much about this in the planning stages, but when we finished we had Thermador stove and dw both with matching handles that are perfect for hanging the towels. Here are mine:

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Funny how vexing it can be to find the right spot for damp dish towels. I've been looking for a good solution and wonder whether this will work, if you substitute a towel for the spray bottles in the Houzz photo:

Contemporary Kitchen design

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I neglected to say that the photo I just posted uses a tension rod under the kitchen sink. I would probably put something more permanent and sturdier, and maybe use it for both towels and spray bottles.


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Using the oven and the dishwasher handle is exactly what I did in my old home. But I just realized a few days ago that I have no such bar now.. Dishwasher and the fridge are paneled and the oven is a side opening unit. I am in CA and doing painted cabinets and reading all the posts about the quality of painted cabinets in CA earlier this week is making me feel very concerned about any kind of damp towels touching the paint. Towel pig :)

freda --> I have that houzz photo in my ideabook.. I may do it in a utility cupboard for the spray bottles.

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