Wellborn Forest vs Dura Supreme

newhousehelp123November 11, 2012

I was wondering if I could get some help on comparing these two brands. We have a friend who has Wellborn Forest and seems very happy with them and the designer. We have been meeting with a designer who is selling Dura Supreme and says that Wellborn Forest is junk. However her cabinets cost about $14K more, so we are in a bit of a predicament. We would appreciate some insight from fellow members.

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Apples and Oranges, Hugo versus Chevy (or Toyota)

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jakuvall, could you be a little more specific? We have also looked at Kraftmaid which was still about 4-5K less then Dura Supreme and included some rollouts, peg drawer inserts, cutlery inserts, etc. The Dura Supreme cabinets only include a trash rollout. We just want to make sure we understand what we are buying and so far everything looks all-plywood, dovetail soft-close drawers and doors,etc. If you could explain some of the differences, I would really appreciate it or point me toward the questions I should ask to get explanations from the designers on the differences. Also, the Dura desinger is recommening cheaper cabinets in our baths and laundry, by JSI but claims we will be happy with these as well. Do you have any thoughts on this line?

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apples to oranges- they should not be in the same comparison-the prices you differences are close to what you should expect (even though all are pocket hole constucted frames etc).
If WBF best suits your budget then fine. But if you can even consider affording DS then ... Sounds to me like one of the dealers misread where your at.

DS comes in two price groups, and offers both framed and frameless as well as inset. Even the lower priced DS will be a good bit more than WBF

DS vs. Kraftmaid- DS has a very nice finish and will have better wood grading, quality control, along with more design flexibility.
KM makes a competant cabinet that will last and has a good selection. You may need to have a door or two replaced to get where you want to be, they might be a tad trickier to install. But bottom line they will hold up for a long time- lots of GWbers have em and are happy- that might be said for the others too though.
I'm not a fan of Chinese cabinets so not big on JSI- there is a thread on that where you will find some more positive thoughts by others (along with my personal rant)
There is another thread on cabinet priorities worth a look too.

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jakuvall, You seem to have a wealth of knowledge and I sincerely appreciate your help. The designer that carries the Dura cabinets also has Medallion and Holiday Kitchens. What is your opinion on these lines and where do they fall in the hierarchy with build and finish? Thanks for your help!

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Medallion is similarto Kraftmaid, I likethema little better. I don't know anything about Holiday first hand
Who you work with is more important than any specific brand. Set a budget, pick a price point,determine all your priorities, and find someone who is a good fit and cares. Some will work harder if it looks likeleythey will get the job, less so if it appears you are just shopping price. There can be iportant details thatadd to the price which some KDs will skip when they haveto compete on price alone.

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Just adding my 2 cents. I have Dura Supreme and I am very happy with the quality. We went to a local KD and these are the only cabinets that she uses.

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